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How to Edit the Course Tabs

Within LearnWorlds, effortlessly crafting, arranging, and tailoring your course content is a breeze. You can find information on all there is to know about creating courses here.

After you create a course, you will be able to see the course editing panel, which has several options for editing. The tabs at the top show you the available changes you can make for your courses. 

You can change your course's Layout page, edit your Contents, manage the Access and Settings of your course, visit the course’s Video Library, or monitor the course's statistics on the Dashboard.

Layout Page

The Course Layout page is essentially the cover of your course, which introduces your users to the content and allows users to enroll. 

It is the index page of your school, where you can describe what your course offers in the market, what skills your user will gain after purchasing it, and demonstrate your course's contents. 

Most importantly it is the page where you can Set up the Payment/Navigation Flow of your Products since your users can review, purchase, and navigate to your course's content via the Course Layout page.


From the Contents tab, you can easily create, edit, and supplement your course with valuable content through which users can learn, discover, engage, have fun, and test their knowledge to eventually get a relevant certification. 


Once you are in the Course's Access tab, you can:


Once you select the type of your course, you need to:


On the Settings tab, you can:

  • Customize the Course Cards for your Courses
    In Course customization, you can also add a Label to your course. The Label:
    • Is used in Certifications. If the course has credits you can add the number of credits under labels. Then this is depicted in that field on the Certificate. 
    • Appears on the Course Cards.
    • Appears in the admin view in the Courses Manager as a way for the admin to categorize and locate the labeled courses more easily.
  • Organize your Courses by Categories
  • Personalize the email notifications that users receive for this course. You can either choose the generic rules that apply to all courses, or you can fine-tune the emails specific to this course's requirements.

  1. Each course can offer multiple certificates and payment plans. However, the course notification settings are course-wide and will be applied uniformly to all certificates and payment plans. As a result, it won't be possible to opt out of the "payment plan completed" email for a specific payment plan within a particular course.
  2. You may wish to create automation such as "User is enrolled in a course", and select the specific course, enabling you to send distinct notification emails tailored to each course's context. Learn more in our related article here: How to Set Up User Automations.

Course Player

Once in the Course Player tab, you can:

You are also able to Preview the course player anytime.

Video Library

Whenever you want to upload a video in a course’s video library, this is the place to be. Once in there, your videos can be easily linked to every video learning activity you create.


With a click of the mouse, you can instantly view an overall report of your course with a revenue chart, and basic course information like the latest users, sales, exams, and certificates. All in the course Dashboard.

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