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LearnWorlds Support Process

Our Customer Support team is comprised of amazing, caring, friendly individuals. They love answering questions, solving problems, and helping you build the online school of your dreams. 

The standard method of offering support here at LearnWorlds is online through our ticketing system. If you need support, we are always one click away! You can submit a support ticket by following the steps here. We ll follow up with you asap! 

Some tips we can share when creating a support ticket so we can provide high-quality assistance are:

  • Be as specific as possible. Feel free to include any detail you can so that we can have more information to work on.
  • Include visuals. A screenshot of the issue you are facing, or even better a detailed screencast of the steps you followed will greatly help us understand what you are experiencing.
  • Avoid questions about multiple issues in one ticket. In case you want assistance with more than one topic, don't hesitate to create multiple tickets so we can swiftly and more accurately reach back to you.

Customers on our High Volume and Corporate plans do get phone support during business hours, although still, the preferred method of contacting support is by submitting a ticket. 

Why we do not offer standard phone support  

We don’t offer phone support because we truly believe it wouldn't be possible to provide the same effective help over the phone. Support work requires careful troubleshooting and investigation. Keeping support solely online allows us to better help you troubleshoot your online school in a speedy and more efficient manner. This means that your support requests are ultimately resolved faster.

We believe email is the most effective way for us to assist you because: 

  • With a ticket, we can instantly pull up your customer information, review your online school, check your account activity, system details, and other information so we can investigate effectively.

  • It's faster. We can quickly investigate your issue without putting you on hold. For example, we always need your email address in order to access your school and answer your questions. 

  • Building an online school is a visual process. We usually ask you to send us screenshots and links to help us see what you’re seeing. Via email, we can also send you back screenshots, step-by-step guides, and videos to guide you in the right direction.

  • Online support keeps detailed records in one place. This ensures nothing gets lost in translation and nothing is overlooked. We'll always have access to previous tickets, therefore you will never have to ask questions twice, regardless of who is on the other end. It also helps us to share information between team members: with a ticket, we are able to join forces with our wider team to get to the bottom of any tricky issues.

  • By focusing on online support, we can scale our support and dedicate resources to continually improve and innovate our all-in-one course platform. Online support is more cost-efficient therefore we can keep our prices low for you.

We are always ready and looking forward to helping you succeed in your project. 

Customers' testimonials

And don’t take our word for it. Just check out what our customers have to say about our customer service: 

Thanks for your amazing support. I feel like being HOME!

Raul Vargas

Thank you! Got all the different support emails and huge thanks! You guys are brilliant! Keep up the great work


Thank you so much for the quick turnaround time… makes me think this is the kind of organization I want to work with.


I want to thank you for all your great service and support. I do believe that Learnworlds is far away of the competitors and I wish you all the success in the world!


You guys are rockstars! Thank you!


Support per plan

You can find more information about our Support Process on our detailed plans page here, under the tab Support. The differences between our plans are:

Pro Trainer
Learning Center
High Volume
Phone Support
Onboarding Training
1-hour Premium Onboarding
Customized Onboarding
Dedicated Success Manager
Uptime guarantee

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