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How to Migrate Blog Posts to the New Site Builder

When migrating from the older version of the Pages Builder to the new Site Builder on LearnWorlds, you might also want to keep your old blog posts. To easily migrate without the need to re-write them, we have created an easy-migration process.

1. Visit Manage Sites → Site Flavour (choose the one you are working on).

2. Navigate to Site Builder → Edit School Site and click on Blog Menu → Migrate Posts.

3. Choose the blog posts you wish to migrate.

Go through the blog posts and choose which ones you want to migrate. You will also have the option to remigrate a blog post you already have migrated, overwriting or duplicating the blog post so you can test different changes to it.

4. Review the blog posts.

After the migration, you will be able to click the pen icon in order to edit the blog posts. Formatting may change in some zones, you will need to review the blog posts and edit them to follow your new design.

If there was an issue while migrating a zone, you will get a notice to manually review the migration:

Notice: This Section needs manual review!
We advise you to create an empty section, copy the content to the new section and delete this one otherwise the functionality of the new pages builder in this section is not guaranteed.

5. Publish the migrated blog posts.

All blog posts when migrated are saved as drafts. After reviewing the blog posts, you can choose whether you want to leave them as drafts or publish them on your website.

This is a good opportunity to shift through old blog posts and have a lean, cleaner blog post with your top content more prominent.

Go to Blog menu → Blog Properties to change the status of your blog post.

From the properties tab, change the status from draft to public by clicking the button at the bottom of the page. 

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