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Settings that Cause Redirections in LearnWorlds

A common action experienced by School owners is when a user clicks on a URL, instead of redirecting to the desired URL, another page appears or, for example, an error message. 

For instance, users may be trying to reach the community (/social), but they are redirected to another page instead because the Community app is disabled in the default settings.

Settings that can be causing such redirections

Site navigation

In your Site Navigation settings, you have a variety of options to redirect your users. More specifically, you can edit the following settings:

  • Home page (for logged-in users, the Home Page is inaccessible, so it redirects to the /start page).
  • After login (for logged-out users, the After-login is inaccessible, so it redirects to the /home page).
  • Lock non-paying users.
  • Lock the 1-click-sales funnel in the Payment Flow.
  • Log out URL redirection.

The school is subscription-only

You may have chosen for your school to sell products only through subscriptions. If you have inserted any custom button with redirection to the course Payment Page, users will then be redirected to the Course Layout page, due to the fact that the courses cannot be sold individually, but only through subscription plans. The same applies with Course Cards as well, when the action is "Go to checkout".

Sign in/up settings

In your Sign in/up settings, you have the option to decide if you want users to enroll themselves in your school, or include some restrictions. For example, you can choose the following settings:

  • Sign up setting via 1 click sales funnel only (only by buying a product first through a payment page).
  • No sign-ups.

In both cases, the automatic enrollment button will be redirecting users to the login form and they will not be able to find the sign-up form, as normal sign-up is not available.

School community settings - Users cannot visit the community

In your School community, you have the option to lock non-paying users, or even all the users. More specifically:

  • The school community can be accessible only for enrolled users (redirecting to a page)
  • Not activated (users will be redirected to the /start page if the Community is publicly shared in a top bar or page).

Apps are turned off and they redirect to the After Login page, with the URL being something like: /start?start=1

If an app is disabled, then the users will be redirected to the After Login page. Currently, the four following apps can be disabled: 

  • /dailynews (Daily news app)
  • /workpad (Best resources app)
  • /people (People directory app)
  • /profile (Profile app)

Courses, Bundles, and Subscriptions can also have an after-purchase navigation redirection

Courses, Subscriptions, and Bundles have an After purchase navigation setting, that redirects users to any page you want after purchasing the specific product. 

Course cards can lead to checkout/course overview/course player

Course cards have redirections when clicked, such as Go to course overview page or Course player or Checkout.

a. Moreover, when clicking on course cards that have the Go to course player setting, a logged-out user will be redirected to the Sign-in form.

b. If you have the setting Go to checkout page, logged-out users will only be redirected to the checkout page if you enabled the setting in your Payment Flow for direct 1-click sales. Otherwise, they will be prompted to sign in.

c. If a user tries to access a Payment page, but already owns the product, they will be redirected to the course layout page. 

Note: If you use Shopify as your Payment Gateway, users will need to sign-up to create an account, as it's a prerequisite step for purchasing products when using Shopify. For more information regarding this, you can check this article.

The timer widget has a redirection option

When inserting a timer Widget, there is an option to redirect users to a specific page when the timer finishes.

Email grabber has redirection after submission option

If you add an email grabber for email leads, you can have the option to redirect users on submit.

Message "404 error" appears while page exists in authoring

If some pages exist on your Pages Manager tool, but they are not accessible for users, then they will be redirected to the 404 error page. Instances that redirect to the error page are the following:

  • Page is draft.
  • Page has a past expiration date.
  • Page is the affiliate self-registration, and the relevant affiliate setting is OFF.
  • Page is from an inactive site template, and the corresponding page does not exist in the active site template.
  • Page is bundle, course, or subscription page and the relevant product is draft/private/archived.

For more information on how to customize the 404 error page, check this article.

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