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How to Add and Customize the Student Info Section

Βy implementing a Student Info section, your users can check the total number of courses they are enrolled in, the number of certificates they have been awarded, whether there are any pending posts/messages or not, and lastly, the time that they have spent at your school.

To add a Student info Section:

1. Go to Site Builder → Edit School Site.

2. Choose the page you want to edit from the Pages Manager.

3. Click on +Add section to add one of our available Student info Sections.

This section is customizable and you have the ability to add widgets, click on Edit to choose a different layout, change the section's columns and make any other alterations in the Colors and overlay. 

Note: The variable {{user.username}} will be automatically updated once a user logs in, and it will show the username of the specific user.

Click on the User Stats element, to hide the filters you wouldn't like to be visible.

Tip: We recommend inserting a Student Info section on the After Login page. That way, once users log in to your school, they will be able to track their basic information and access their Profile page.

Note: After adding a section to your page, you may want to make alterations to the section's general settings, actions, and layout settings in the Sideform.

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