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How to Import Questions to Questionnaires (Legacy) via the Question Bank

In LearnWorlds when it comes to specific questionnaire types of learning activities , you can build up questions and save them to your school's Question Bank to reuse them. You can also import questions to a questionnaire learning activity from Other Courses' questions.

For your convenience, you can Store a Questionnaire in the Question Bank and import existing questions to your new questionnaire learning activity (Legacy Builder)

1. Create a Questionnaire learning activity (Quiz, Exam, Assignment, File Assignment, Certificate of Knowledge). 

2. Hover over the learning activity and click on Edit questions

3. Click on Import questions in the top ribbon menu.

4. Select between questions from your Question Bank or from Other Courses

5. Locate the questionnaire, mark the question(s) you want to import and click on Import. To import all questions, click on the checkbox next to the questionnaire title. 

6. Hit Save to finalize the process.


  • Ιf you edit and change an inserted question in the Question bank, the changes will be made to all other linked questions!
  • Each questionnaire type of learning activity supports different kinds of questions. Therefore, make sure to import only true/false or multiple-choice questions to Exam activities, only open-ended questions to Assignment activities, and polls/short answer questions can only be imported into Quiz learning activities. If you attempt to import an open-end question to an exam activity it will not work since Exam learning activities do not support such questions, and vice versa for assignments and quizzes.

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