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Optimizing Workflow: Multiple Seats, User Groups, and User Tags Explained

LearnWorlds acknowledges the uniqueness of every learner, whether they are an employee, a client, a partner, or a student. Each individual has their specific requirements, preferences, and goals. To tailor the user experience for each person, we provide three distinct features: User Groups, Multiple Seats, and User Tags. In this article, we will explore the distinctions between these features and provide insights on how to make the most out of them.

Multiple Seats

Multiple Seats is a B2B toolkit product that enables you to offer multiple courses to a group of learners by handing over the management of this group to your B2B clients.

With Multiple Seats Offering, you can select: courses included in the offering, the number of seats available for the organization, the maximum number of users that can be part of this Seat Offering, and assign one or more Seat Managers to this offering.

The Seat Manager will be able to add users to the offering and manage their accounts, enrollments, and progress.

Seat Offerings vs. Seats

A Seat Offering is a separate product mainly consisting of courses and seats. The Seat offering defines the specific courses that are included in this product as well as the number of seats that are available for use.

A Seat is a virtual chair and defines the number of users that are allowed to be simultaneously enrolled in the courses included in the Seat Offering. This means that the number of users enrolled in the courses of the Seat offering could be a lot more than the number of seats available, as the functionality allows multiple turnovers of the seats.

The Multiple Seats Offering system is not connected to the Payment Gateways of your school; hence, you cannot receive payments via the LearnWorlds school for a Seat Offering. To receive payments, you can use external payment methods like wire transfers or via your PayPal/Stripe accounts outside of LearnWorlds.

User groups

With User Groups, you can create distinct groups within your school. These groups come with automatic group member addition rules, courses for auto-enrollment, and a custom navigation flow (after-login page) for each group. The functionality doesn’t include Seats as in the Multiple Seat Offering, however, there is a max number of members that can be set.  

For each User Group, a dedicated Group Manager can be assigned to oversee group members and track their progress.

Also, User Groups are differentiated from the Multiple Seats by the extra functionality to create automated user addition rules based on several attributes:

a. Email Domain: Add users based on their email domain. Input multiple email domains separated by commas.

b. Tags: Allocate users to groups based on tags.

c. Custom Sign-up Fields: Assign users to groups based on their responses in custom sign-up fields. For example, if a user answers 'A' in a particular sign-up field.

Besides the automated addition rules set by the Admin, the User Group Manager can also perform manual actions like adding/enrolling users individually or in bulk. This way, User Groups allow for organized management and monitoring of different user segments within your school, ensuring a streamlined and personalized user experience.

User Tags

The Tags feature in LearnWorlds is designed to provide a robust framework for categorizing users and leads. This categorization is crucial for enhancing communication, personalizing navigation, creating automations, tracking user and lead journeys, and analyzing performance. By utilizing Tags, school administrators can efficiently organize and manage the user/leads base, ensuring a well-structured and navigable learning environment and conversion journey for all users and leads.

Tags can be added to leads & users automatically based on:

  • Form submission
  • Custom Sign-up fields
  • Payment Sections
  • Assessment submission 
  • Automation rule

Tags can be used for:

  • Page widgets\sections visibility
  • Pop-ups visibility
  • Custom after-login page
  • User Automation
  • Email communication (via Zapier automation with your email solution)
  • Reporting insights on different tag audiences

This feature is essential for maintaining a clear, organized user management system within any school, making the task of monitoring and communicating with users and leads a more streamlined process.

Multiple Seats vs User Groups vs Tags

Key PurposeOption of automated assignment

Option to build automated course enrollments

Option of custom navigation (after-login page)

Dedicated manager role

Company type

Multiple SeatsB2B offering
nonoyesyesB2B training
User Groups

Personalization & streamlined user management


Employee/Customer training, B2B training w/o seat limits


Users categorization & touchpoints tracking

yesyes (via User Automations)

yes (priority given to Seat/Group rule)

noEmployee/Customer training, B2B training, B2C sales

At LearnWorlds, we embrace the diversity inherent in every EdBusiness type. Whether you're providing Employee training, Customer & Partner education, or selling courses on B2B/B2C markets, our platform offers specialized features to cater to every unique business need. This chapter explores the distinct functionalities of Multiple Seats, User Groups, and User Tags, showcasing how they can be utilized across different businesses: Customer & Partner Training, Internal Training, B2B Course Providers, and B2C Course Providers.

Customer & Partner Training

This business focus is on equipping customers and partners with the necessary knowledge and skills related to a company’s products, services, or industry standards. LearnWorlds facilitates tailored training experiences by enabling the grouping and tagging of users based on their unique needs and preferences, alongside offering structured course enrollments through Multiple Seats for organized, efficient management of customer and partner training programs.


MedEquip Inc., a healthcare equipment provider. MedEquip Inc. provides training to customers and partners on the use, maintenance, and troubleshooting of its medical devices. They also offer training on compliance and industry standards.

Multiple Seats:

MedEquip Inc. proposes a Seat Offering to each hospital (customer) for a set of courses on operating a specific newly purchased medical device. The hospital's Seat Manager can manage enrolments and monitor the progress of their staff.

User Groups:

MedEquip Inc. creates User Groups for different types of partners such as distributors, maintenance service providers, and compliance consulting firms, each with tailored navigation to showcase only relevant courses and materials.

User Tags:

MedEquip Inc. is tagging users based on their professional roles and certification levels to provide targeted follow-up training and updates on regulatory changes.

Internal Training

Geared towards enhancing employees' skills, knowledge, and compliance with company policies and industry regulations, this segment greatly benefits from LearnWorlds' capabilities. By creating distinct user groups and tagging, LearnWorlds allows for personalized learning paths, efficient monitoring, and targeted communications, ensuring a streamlined and engaging internal training process.


CodeBase Ltd., a software development company. CodeBase Ltd. provides ongoing training to its employees on new programming languages, project management methodologies, and internal software tools.

User Groups:

CodeBase Ltd. established User Groups for each department of its organization, like Developers, QA, and Project Managers, each with a dedicated set of courses and learning paths. A dedicated Manager is assigned to each group or several groups to ensure supported learning and improve engagement levels.

User Tags:

CodeBase Ltd. tags employees based on their job roles and training completion to identify candidates for advanced training programs or internal job openings.

B2B Course Provider

This group involves organizations that design and provide educational courses to other businesses. LearnWorlds supports structured course offerings and efficient learner management through Multiple Seats, while also providing flexible user grouping and tagging for personalized, organized learning experiences tailored to different client organizations.


EduEnterprise, an educational content provider. EduEnterprise designs and provides a range of professional development courses to businesses in various industries. Their portfolio includes synchronous live programs and self-paced courses.

Multiple Seats:

EduEnterprise sells Seat Offerings to different corporate clients for a live leadership development series of courses, tailoring a number of Seats per client depending on their training volume needs to ensure a manageable and effective learning environment. They enable each customer with a Seat Manager on the client’s side, who supervises enrolments and tracks the progress of their learners.

User Groups:

EduEnterprise offers User Groups with a fixed number of members inside different client organizations, providing a personalized catalog of self-paced courses based on the client’s area of interest and a tailoring branding environment for each client. They empower clients with Group Managing access from the customer’s side for reporting purposes.

User Tags:

EduEnterprise releases a series of lead magnets - downloadable resources like eBooks, whitepapers, or checklists - each tailored to highlight the benefits and contents tailored to different industries. EduEnterprise tags leads based on the industry they come from and targets those with relevant industry-based materials & program offers via email campaigns.

B2C Course Provider

Engaging individual learners by offering a variety of courses is the main focus of this business type. Through tags, LearnWorlds enables a personalized learning and communication environment, allowing providers to tailor course recommendations, marketing initiatives, and community engagement based on individual learner preferences and behaviors.


CreativeLearn, an online platform offering creative writing courses. CreativeLearn provides courses to individual learners looking to improve their writing skills for personal or professional purposes.

User Tags:

CreativeLearn offers a range of genre-specific courses such as thriller writing, romance writing, and sci-fi writing. When new users signs up, they are asked about their genre interests and tag users based on answers. Later on, those tags are used in 2 ways:

  1. To send out genre-specific newsletters, course announcements, and writing challenges to tagged users, encouraging them to enroll in relevant courses and engage with the community.

  2. To custom after-logging page based on the user preferences to display relevant courses and talk in appealing language to the different user segments. 

In these scenarios, the User Tags, Groups, and Multiple Seats features of LearnWorlds are employed to cater to the specific training needs of each EdBusiness, providing a tailored, manageable, and engaging learning experience for all involved.

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