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How to Manage the Community Access Settings of your School

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Through your LearnWorlds school, you impart valuable knowledge and foster a vibrant interactive community. Users can engage in discussions with you and fellow learners by forming groups or exchanging private messages. Dive deeper into the Community feature in our dedicated article.

In this article, we will explore how to enable and set up your school's community and inbox

To access the community and inbox settings, click on Settings School settings  Community access.

School Community

Let your users discuss issues, exchange ideas and tips, and share their experiences and advice within a community of practice. You can:

  • Activate or deactivate the community for your school.

  • Decide if you want only the logged-in users or only paying users to be able to use the community. You also have the option to redirect non-paying users to another page, course, or bundle from the drop-down menu, or alternatively, you can send them an alert message.

Course discussion

You can activate the course discussion feature for your courses. However, if you want to deactivate it for a particular course, you can disable the option in the course player settings. Additionally, there are various settings related to community and course discussions that you can customize to suit your preferences:

  • Permissions (Allow your members to interact inside the discussion feed allow them to add posts, polls, and comments)
  • Reactions (Allow the type of reactions you will offer to the learners they can upvote a post or a comment, like a post or a comment, and share the link of the post)
  • Attachments (Allow the type of attachments the learners will be able to upload images, videos, and files)
  • Access Course discussions (Control how course discussions will be accessed by your learners will they appear in the community and course player or only in the course player?)
  • Course discussion level (You can have different discussions for each learning activity or one for the whole course)

Users will be able to upload posts with images, text, polls, and files, categorize posts, or search for them. You can find out more in this article.

Alternatively, administrators can receive notifications when a social post or comment is posted. This also extends to instructors if the comment is added within the course discussion. Additionally, Community Space Managers are kept informed of such activities.

Messenger (Inbox)

You can determine whether you want your users to be able to discuss through your school's inbox or not. You can set the exact level of communication users will have through their school’s Inbox. You can:

  • Let your learners send messages to anyone.

  • Let your learners send messages to admins only.

  • Deactivate any private communication. In this case, no notification/email for badges, certifications, etc., will be sent to the users either.

If you activate the option only to send messages to admins and you have custom Administrative roles in your school, users will be able to message those users.

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