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How to Add, Delete and Move Widgets in your Pages' Sections

LearnWorlds widgets are helpful components that enrich the layout area of the pages. They are additional elements that can be added to any page's sections or to your topbar. 

Add a widget

1. Go to Website →  Design →  Edit Website. Choose the page you like to perform the relevant changes to (e.g, add, delete, or move widgets), via the dropdown menu or the Pages Manager.

2. Once you have selected the page, hover over between the elements in your sections and click on the + icon (Add Widget).

3. In the menu that appears, add one of the offered sections or Build your own layout.

You can find more about how a Page is structured here, and all the available widgets here

Drag-and-Drop, Move, Copy, Duplicate, or Delete your widgets

You can choose the desired widget by clicking on it. The side form will appear on the right side of your page.

1. You change the location of the widget. Click on the top of the widget (where the move icon will appear) and drag and drop the item to the desired location.

2. You can move a whole widget upwards or downwards within your page with the up or down arrows.

3. You can copy the widget.

4. You can paste it on the same page or even paste it onto a completely different page. Note that this action has to be performed on the same browser window. You can learn more about how to copy and paste your widgets in our respective article.

5. You can duplicate it so the exact same section will appear below it on the same page.

6. You can edit HTML code.

7. You can delete the widget by clicking on the trash can icon on the side form and confirming its deletion in the pop-up message.

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