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How to Sell or Give Access to Private (unlisted) Courses

Private courses (available in our Pro Trainer plan or higher) remain hidden in your course catalog, are not indexed in search engines, and only users that have been enrolled can have access to them. If you don't want to manually enroll users, you can create checkout URLs, through which you can share free or paid access to these courses.

Sell your Private Courses

In order to bypass the system and be able to sell the course, you need to set it first as Paid, set its price, and re-set it back to Private.

1. Click on Courses.

2. Navigate to the desired Private course, select Access, and change the course's access type to Paid.

3. Hit Set the price to add the desired one. Alternatively, navigate to Pricing and add the price.

4. Click on Save

5. Select Access again, and set the course’s access as Private (the course will retain the price). 

6. Hit Save again.

Users will be able to enroll via a checkout URL you need to create and it leads to the course's Payment page. The checkout URL will have the following format:

You need to replace the value "" with your school domain and "Private-course-id" with your course id.

Give free access to your Private courses without manual enrollment.

If you want to give free access to a Private course without manual enrollment, follow the aforementioned steps 1 to 6 and then create a 100% discount coupon that will be attached to the course's checkout URL.

Click on the course's Pricing, scroll down to the Related Coupons and click on Create Coupon.

Then you need to create a 100% discount coupon. Find more information on how to create coupons here.

Share with your users the URL of the checkout page, in order for them to enroll in your Private course for free (the course will have a discounted price of 100%). The checkout URL will have the following format: 

You need to replace "" with your school's domain, "private-course-id" with your course id, and "free-coupon-code" with the coupon code.

With the checkout URL, users will be redirected to the course's default Payment page, where they can enroll on their own and no credit card information will be requested.


  • We recommend always setting a symbolic price in the Pricing Tab of your Private Courses. In case you decide to sell the Private course, you can set the price of your choice.
  • It's only feasible to share the payment URL link of the private course and not the Course Layout Page.

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