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How to Migrate to LearnWorlds

Transferring your existing website and content from an external learning environment to LearnWorlds will require you to manually build your school pages and content by using LearnWorld's Site Builder and tools. In this guide, you can find step-by-step information on how to migrate to LearnWorlds seamlessly. You can also download our interactive ebook from here!

Create your School

The first step is to create your LearnWorlds school here. You can check this article for more information.


  • On the first trial creation steps, you will need to select a School Template. During the Trial period, you can further create and activate different School Templates.  When you activate a live subscription plan, you can create more than one Site Flavor on the Learning Center plan or higher.
  • To activate a live subscription, you can check this article.

Create your Courses

You will need to build your courses, according to this article, and populate them with learning activities.

You might sell individual courses, bundles, subscriptions, or installment plans. For more pricing information, you can click here: Pricing choices

 It's not feasible to transfer the courses and content from another platform as a whole since each platform is built on a different backend code. If you have material such as Videos, PDFs, SCORMs, Audio, or Embed files, those can be easily uploaded to your courses. Learning activities such as ebooks, certificates, forms, and assessments need to be recreated by using the LearnWorlds tools.

Design your School & Course Pages

1. Before you start customizing your pages, you can create a Site Flavor and choose your Color Theme, Typography, and Template sizes for your whole school.  

2. You can then create and customize your School pages (e.g., Home Page, After Login Page, Course Catalogue Page, Payment Page, etc.). In case you would like to customize one of the system pages, go to your Pages Manager and search for the page.

3. To create a new custom page, click on the New page button and then add new Sections and Widgets. You can find out more about the pages' structure here

4. To edit the Course Layout Pages, you can either navigate to Site Builder → Pages Manager → Group "Courses", or you can navigate to the Courses → Courses Manager → Course Layout Page.

 It's not feasible to transfer the design and pages from another platform as a whole since each platform is built on a different backend code. You can always start creating a page and then duplicate the templates on other pages as well to make the process easier. You can also copy-paste the text from your previous website.

School Navigation

As soon as your School and Course Pages are ready, you need to adjust the following:

  • The top-bar links, in order for users to navigate to the relevant pages.
  • The School Navigation (Home Page, After Login Page, direct or non-direct payment flow regarding account creation, non-paying users navigation) according to this article.

Connect your Payment Gateway

Once the previous settings have been set, and you are ready to finalize the migration process, you can choose a LearnWorlds plan and activate a paid subscription. This will allow you to set up your payment gateways and receive payments from your users.

Connect your Custom Domain

If you have purchased a custom domain (e.g., and you do not want to use the default LearnWorlds subdomain (e.g.,, then you can connect your purchased custom domain and replace the LearnWorlds one. For more information, you can check this article.

Migrate your Users 

Once you are ready, you can migrate your users to LearnWorlds, assign specific User Roles depending on their role in your academy, enroll them in courses, and manually mark their progress in the courses in a few steps! For the migration of your users, you can check this article.

Educate your Team about LearnWorlds

We can help you to identify how to introduce your team to LearnWorlds and present some of the main features and tools of your school's plan to your team to make their journey easier and less time-consuming in this article.  

LearnWorlds User Experience

We can show you a walkthrough of the signup, enrollment, and purchase experience of your users and go through everything users interact with while in your LearnWorlds school in this article.

Ensure that you are fully migrated to LearnWorlds with some final touches here

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