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How to Set Up and Customize your Thank You Page

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The Thank you page is a page your users will see after purchasing one of your products. It is the final stage in your conversion process through which you have the chance to set the game one step further:

  • Thank the subscriber for enrolling.
  • Make the requested product easily accessible.
  • Provide instructions on what happens next.
  • Direct learners to other parts in and out of your school.
  • Upsell by providing explicit course discount offers with coupons.

How to set up your Thank You Page

You can assign the Thank you page to any product (course/bundle/subscription) you wish, available in our Pro trainer plans or higher.

1. Go to a Paid course and select the Access tab. Navigate to After Purchase Navigation to assign the Thank you page.

2. If you want to have the same After Purchase Navigation for all your courses, you can select the Apply to all Courses.

You can find this option while customizing your Bundles and Subscriptions as well.

Customizing your Thank You Page for Upselling

1. Navigate to your Pages Manager and select the default Thank you page.

2. Once in the authoring mode of this page, click on +Add section to add one of our available Thank you Sections under Payments, or use the default Thank you section.

3. You can edit the Thank you message and connect the buttons with links.

4. With the on-click action drop-down, you can also decide where your students will be redirected after the purchase in case they prefer to click the Start Learning button.

Note: The variables {{user.username}} and {{purchased.product,name}} will be automatically replaced with actual values on every product purchase.

5. You might wish to promote your other products, with or without a discount so that you can upsell or promote your other courses as well. You can add a payment section and even apply a coupon visible only to this payment section so that you can promote specific material in your school. 

Creating multiple Thank You Pages

You may have a strategy that for each Product you promote a different Thank You page with different material provided on each page (available in our Learning Center plans or higher). To create a new page, check the information provided here

Note: After adding a section to your page, you may want to make alterations to the section's general settings, actions, and layout settings in the Sideform.

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