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Users Action Log - How to Monitor your Bulk Actions

LearnWorlds offers Bulk Actions to import, enroll, unenroll, tag, suspend, or delete your users by file upload, directly from your All Users page.

Learning Center plan: Multiple selections and bulk actions are available

Pro plan: Bulk Actions available are Add and Tag users

Starter plan: No access to bulk actions

Trial: No access to bulk actions

On Users Action Log, you can see a record of your Bulk actions log. Navigate to Reports Activity logs and click on User Actions

On this page, you can see the following fields:

  • User action titleYou can view the title of the bulk action
  • Date requestedDescribes the exact date and time the bulk action started
  • Date finished: Describes the exact date and time the bulk action finished
  • UsernameYou can see the person who initiated the bulk action
  • Status: You can check the status of the Bulk action
  • Type: It describes the type of the bulk action (bulk enroll, bulk tag, bulk unenroll, bulk delete, etc)
  • Uploaded file: You can download the file that was uploaded for the bulk action to take place.
  • Result: You can see the results of the bulk action in detail (e.g 40/40 completed)
  • File with failed: You can download the file that shows if a user failed to proceed with the bulk action (e.g reason: email not found, the user has already access to the product, etc)

To track a specific bulk action, you can filter your results according to the Bulk action type and the Date that the action was performed.

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