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Enhance Learning Engagement with User Automations

In online education, engagement extends further than simple interaction; it encompasses the creation of meaningful relationships with your students and clients. LearnWorlds has introduced Learning Engagement Automations, a system designed to address and enhance learner participation and progress, thus promoting a more engaging learning experience. 

The learning engagement automations include: 

  • Inactivity automation triggers, combined with advanced filters and repeating rules.
  • User progress triggers.
  • Trigger for manually graded assessments.
  • Variables inside communication actions.

This support article will delve into the details of these User Automations that will enhance learning engagement, empowering you to elevate your online education and create lasting connections with your audience.

Inactivity Triggers with Advanced Filters and Repetition rules

The inactivity triggers that can be used in User Automations to motivate users to re-engage and continue their learning journey, are: 

  • User hasn’t visited a course in the last X days: Select the desired course and the number of days to bring users back to their learning path.

  • User hasn’t visited school in the last X days: Select the number of days and offer new material to your learners.

  • User hasn’t visited a course via mobile app in the last X days: If your school has a Mobile App, select the course and the number of days to re-engage users with the mobile experience.

  • User hasn’t opened the mobile app in the last X days: Select the number of days and ensure users have your content updates in the palm of their hands.

It is possible to combine the inactivity triggers with advanced filters to have an even more granular approach. You can filter users by:

  • Users progress on course X

  • Users average score

  • Users enrolled in course X

  • Users who have visited the course

You have the option to configure the inactivity automation to either activate exclusively upon the initial user trigger or to repeatedly engage whenever the user fulfills the specified criteria. For instance, you can set a push notification every time the user spends more than 10 days without visiting the app.

- The repetition option will send the same message based on your chosen rules. To send different messages, you need to set up different automation.
- The repetition rules stop if the user logs in (school/course depending on the trigger).

Course Progress Triggers

When it comes to students' engagement based on learning progress, you can use triggers like “User starts a course”, “User completes a course” or even “Uses preview a paid course”.  It is feasible to trigger an automation when a user reaches a certain percentage of the course progress, by selecting the course and the progress percentage.

Assessment Triggers

Offer reinforcement and feedback for assessments, fostering a supportive learning environment. You can trigger an automation after a user submits an assessment and for a manually graded assessment, when the assessment is reviewed. 

You can combine the assessment triggers with the following conditions to better communicate with your users: 

  • Assessment is submitted 

    • You can specify the score

  • Assessment is failed

  • Assessment is passed

Variables for Personalized Communication

To tailor your messages even more, you can use variables inside the notification text, like {{automation.assessment.title}}, {{}}, and {{}}. There are 15+ variables that will help you personalize your communication even further to make your learners feel seen and valued.

You can see many helpful use case scenarios to enhance learning engagement in this article

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