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How to Check the User Progress in a Specific Course

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Checking your students' progress is very important in running your online school. Either just for keeping tabs on how they are interacting with your content or to check their progress against formal requirements of a particular certification (e.g. having to spend a minimum amount of time in a course), sometimes it is necessary for you to be able to drill down in their statistics. 

You can check the learning activities your users have completed and how much time they spent on each course section and learning unit.

1. Click on UsersAll users.

2. Click on any user's Username to check their Progress.

3. On the User details panel, click on Courses.

4. You can see all the Progress information for each course that the user is enrolled in. You can see the sections/units they completed and the time spent. You will be able to export the time spent on each activity per date (sort the report by date and activity). It also displays the total time spent on the course, as well as the course Starting and Ending dates. You will be able to export the score for each assessment learning activity.

In case you have marked a course or a learning activity as completed, you will be able to see the "Manually" indication under the Compl. tab. For more information, you can read the relevant article, here.

In the Activity tab, you can also see a record of your user's recent activity and export the login and logout activity per date and time.

If you see the following "unenrolled/expired" red tag on the users' Courses card, it means that:

a) You have set up an expiration date for this course, and their course access has expired.  

b) They have been manually unenrolled from the course.

c) They have lost access as they stopped paying for their installment plan (canceled or card issues).

d) Or they have lost access as they stopped paying for their subscription plan.

For detailed user progress, navigate to Report Center → User progress.

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