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How to Create your Own Daily News Live Newspaper

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The Daily News option allows instructors/authors to curate their own newspaper using RSS feeds, selecting and declaring any desired number of feeds through the authoring environment. Periodically, the Daily News fetches new articles from these feeds, updating the content to reflect the latest news and information.

In this article, we will delve into the process of activating, setting up, and presenting the Daily News option to your users.

Activate the Daily news app

To activate the profile page, navigate to Settings Learning Apps Apps Configurator and click on to activate the Daily news app.

Add RSS feed

To start customizing the Daily news app:

1. Go to Setting Learning AppsDaily News.

2. Click on Add feed at the top.

3. Type or paste the URL of the RSS feed you would like to add and click on Save

4. Review which feeds are activated and which are not in the Fetching column. Before your new RSS feed starts contributing to your Daily News live newspaper, you have to activate it. You can also preview your Daily news page, Refresh feeds, and preview Articles

Your news feed is now active! In a few hours, new items will start appearing in your Daily News sections on your school's pages.

Access the Daily News Newspaper

You can add a dedicated daily news section to any of your school's web pages to keep your users updated with the latest news.

Daily News learning app is not supported in the Mobile Apps.

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