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How to Allow Users to Share their Certificates on Social Media

After a particular skill has been acquired through hard work and determination, your users will definitely want to share it on social media. In this article, you can see how to prepare your Certificate learning activity for users to be able to share their awarded Certificate on social media.

Share Certificates on Social Media

1. Follow the steps in the articles on the Certificate of Knowledge and Certificate of Completion, to create the respective learning activities.

2. Νavigate to the desired course, hover over the learning activity and click on Edit Certificate.

3. Click on the Settings option on the toolbar and choose the Certificate Sharing option.

4. A window will open where you can enable the social media you wish to.

You can change the translation for the prepopulated text from the Site language:

If you are an existing customer, you will need to add the {certificate_link} variable in the translation field, for the Certification link to be populated. 

User Experience

When a Certification is awarded, users have the option (if enabled) to download and share their Certificate on Social Media: 

By clicking on the respective Social Media button, they will be redirected to the relevant social media platform where they can share their awarded certification. For example: 

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