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How to Edit the Instructor/Tech Support Accounts

In Learnworlds, you can set up special users, is responsible for different areas in your school. The first one is responsible for support for courses, and the second one is for technical issues. You can also set an option to contact each of them on the student menu.

Νavigate to Settings  Notification emails  Admin Settings.

Teacher Support Account

1. To Insert a Teacher Support Account, click on Connect account on the respective field. 

2. At the User account field, type "@" and then start typing the name of the user you would like to choose. The results of your search will appear in a dropdown list with users. Select the one you wish to enter.

3. Click on Select account.

Technical Support Account

1. Click on Choose Account in the appropriate text field and follow steps 2-3 above.

2. Click on Save at the top of the page to finalize your changes.

You cannot delete; however, change the chosen users whenever you wish.

1. Go to your Site Builder Edit School Site → Edit  School Topbar  After sign-in/up topbar, edit your topbar, and select the Navigation Menu. 

2. You can add a new menu item or a Sub-menu under the "Me" category. You can name the categories respectively (ex., Tech Support).

3. Click on the pencil icon and select Go to  App and Select App  Technical Support. Do the same respectively for the Teacher Support

4. Click on Done and then Save and Close on your topbar settings.

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