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How to Customize the Course Layout Page

The Course Layout page serves as the index page of your course, and it's crucial to ensure it is well-written, organized, and easy to navigate. This enables users to effectively compare products and make informed purchase decisions.

On the Course Layout page, you have the opportunity to showcase what your course offers, outline the skills users will acquire upon purchasing it, and provide a comprehensive overview of the course contents.

After purchase, it is the page where the user sees the course details (title, description, course contents, etc.) and gets directed to the course player to access the course's content.

Course Layout Page

To locate your course’s Layout Page:

1. Go to the Course manager

2. Choose the course you wish to customize and navigate to the course page layout tab.  You can also navigate to the Website → Design→ Edit website, find the course's page in the dropdown list, or visit your Pages Manager.

To tailor your course layout page you can Add sections and Widgets in order to create the result you wish.

Course Hero Section

After your course content is ready and you are about to launch, it is important to arrange your users' purchase & course navigation flow, so users can purchase the course and navigate to the course player. For this reason, you should add a Course Hero page section on the Course page layout

The Course Hero section is available only on the course layout pages of your school because it is dedicated to the respective course, so the section cannot be copied.

Hover over and click on the +Add section between the page sections to add a new section. You can find the Course Hero section under both the For this Course page & the Products section category.

The Course Hero section includes an Automatic System (Enroll) Button that helps you Set up the Payment/Navigation Flow of your Products.

Course Contents Section

Another section you could add to the Course's Layout page to show the contents of your course is the Course Contents section.

Once you visit the Course's Layout page, hover over and click on the +Add section to add one of our available Course Contents Sections. It is located under the For this Course Page or Products section category.

If your course is a Paid course with Free course sections you must add a Course Contents section to your Course Layout page in order for the unenrolled users to get directed to the Course Player and view the Free section(s) of the Paid course before purchase. 

Before you add the aforementioned Course contents section, you also have the option to fill in the following:

  • Section description 
  • Unit background image

The above two will then reflect on the Course Contents section you will add.

Section Description

Go to the Courses menu, choose the course you wish to customize, and navigate to the Course Outline tab. Click on the pencil icon. In the new window that pops up, locate the Section description field, where you can add a description for the content of your course section. This description will reflect on the Course Contents section, which you can later add to the course's Layout page or any other page.

Once the Course contents section is added, the Section Description you just added will appear. 

After adding the Course Contents section on your Course Layout page, you can click on it to make alterations via the Sideform. By clicking on the section's different elements, you can further customize it, hide/show specific elements, select the course's content that you wish to display, etc.

Unit Background Image

You can add a Unit Background Image to any course learning activity. Visit the respective course, locate the learning activity under the Course Outline tab, and click on Settings to add a Unit background image

After adding the Unit background image, you can go back to the Course Layout page to add a Course Contents section. Note that just a few course content sections take advantage of the aforementioned Unit Background image. It will reflect only in the selected course content sections, shown below:

The Unit background image will appear in the respective course contents section:


  • The Section Description added appears in most of the Course Content sections, with only exceptions to the last two available templates.
  • The Sections that have been set in Draft and/or Soon status will not reflect on the course contents section you may add.

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