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How to Edit your Community Emails

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Your LearnWorlds school automatically sends email notifications for certain key events that take place. You can enable or disable these notifications and customize the contents of the email that users will receive.

In this article, we will learn how to enable and edit automatic email notifications related to your school's Community. Remember that only admins can change those settings.

Go to Communication → School emails, and click on Community to view the available community-related emails.

Message notification: Update your learners with a notification in the school's inbox when a user is sent a message.

Mention notification: Update your learners with a school message when a user is mentioned in a post/comment.

Invite notification: Update your learners with a school message when a user is invited to a private space.

Click on the email template to enable or disable the email notification. After selecting your preferred one, you can edit the subject and content of the email. You can include links and specific variables that will automatically fill in the correct data. Additionally, utilize our AI assistant to refine and enhance the text.

- If you wish to edit the links/variables of your Email Notifications, follow the steps in this article.

- If you wish to find out more about the notifications that the Community and Community Space managers can receive at certain events, navigate to this article

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