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How to Reconnect your Shopify Account using the API Access Token

In this article, you will find the steps needed to reconnect your existing Shopify account as your payment gateway in LearnWorlds school using the API Access Token.

If you're new and wish to connect your school with Shopify for the first time, you can find more information here

1. Navigate to Settings → Financial → Payment Gateway in your LearnWorlds school, and click on the Shopify option.

2. Toggle the Activate option OFF, disconnect the installed account and click Save.

3. Log in to your Shopify account, choose the Apps option and click on App and sales channel settings after clicking on Settings.

4. In the pop-up, select Develop apps for your store. You will need to click on the Allow custom app development buttons that will appear. Then, click on Create an app button and fill in the App name.

5. Click on Configure Admin API scopes button. 

6. In the search bar, type "write_orders" and press return on your keyboard. Scroll down to find the Orders section and select both available options in the checkboxes (write_orders & read_orders, similarly write_customers & read_customers and write_products & read_products). Do the same process for "write_customers" and "write_products" and hit Save.

7. Select the API credentials tab and, under Access tokens, click the Install app button. In the pop-up, click on Install.

8. Click on Reveal Token once option and copy the API credentials.

9. Navigate back to your LearnWorlds school under Settings → Financial → Payment Gateway.

10. Toggle the Activate option ON.

11. Fill out your Shopify URL (The Shopify URL ends with

12. Paste the Admin's Access token from step 8 above, add it to the respective field, and hit Save.

We have also prepared a video tutorial on how to connect your Shopify Account using the API Access Token: 

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