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How to Export your Questions and User's Responses

As a course author, you may want either to review and export questions from the Assessments and Certificates or export users' responses. In this guide, we will demonstrate the step-by-step process you need to follow.

How to Export your Questions and Users' Responses Using our Assessment Builder

This is available in the Assessment Builder. If you are not able to see it don't worry! We expect to release it to everyone by the beginning of July.

With our Assessment Builder, you can export your questions and users' responses in one CSV file. 

1. Navigate to the course you want and select the Contents tab. Hover over the assessment learning activity you wish to review and click on Responses. A new page will open, on the top of this page, you will find the Export responses option. Then, click on the Export responses and choose Export as CSV.

2. If you have already opened the assessment learning activity, you will find the Responses option on the toolbar (on the top of the page.

Note: In case, you need only the questions of your assessment and not users' responses, we do provide a workaround. The alternative we suggest is to create a dummy user account, and manually enroll the user in the course where the assessment is located. Then, visit the course as the dummy user and answer at least one question. This response will be normally considered as a response on the system, so you will be able to follow the aforementioned process and export questions as a CSV file.

How to Review and Save your Questions on your Computer Using our Legacy Assessment

Navigate to the course you want and select the Contents tab. Hover over the learning activity you wish to review and click on Edit questions.

On the Topbar of all types of questionnaire learning activities (Quiz, Exam, Assignment, Certificate), you will find the Review button. Once you click on it, a new window will pop up with a list of the questions you have created.

In this way, you can review all types of questions on one single page.

If you wish, you can select all the content, copy it (Ctrl + C), and paste it into a Word file (Ctrl + V), so all your Questionnaires can be saved on your computer.

Note: You can learn more about our new Assessment Builder in our respective articles: 

How to Create an Exam (Graded Assessment)

How to Create a Non-Graded Assessment

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