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How to Sell your Online Courses with Installments via PayPal

Offering your customers the choice to pay for your courses via an installment plan provides them with greater flexibility in managing their payments while still allowing access to your valuable content. PayPal offers this feature through custom buttons. Below, you'll find instructions on how to configure this option.

Create Installment button via PayPal

1. Log in to your PayPal account and click on the Settings  → Seller Tools

2. Find the PayPal buttons option and click on Manage.

3. You will need to select the button type. Select Subscribe:

4. You then need to select the currency, the billing amount per installment, the billing cycle period, and the number of installments:  

If your users buy a course via this installment button, PayPal makes the payments automatically on the schedule you set. You can include tax and shipping in the total amount, but do not include interest.

5. Customize the button text and appearance. You can change the appearance and text of the default PayPal button; you can even enter a URL and use your own button image:

6. Once you are ready, click on Create button:

7. Find your button code and copy the code, so you can then add it to your Learnworlds school.

Add Embed Section/Widget

8. Access the page you want to add the button to (usually a course page) and click on the +Add section (or widget), and one of our Embed options.

9. Click on the embed section, and on the side form that appears, paste the button code in the Embeddable script area.

10. Click on Update to save your changes.

This is how your PayPal Installment button could look (if added as a widget):


  • You can find sample PayPal Installment button codes on this page.
  • If you wish to take your customers back to your school after the PayPal Checkout page, add to the PayPal buttons as a return URL, your school's landing page URL (which will be accessible to logged-out users as well). Please find the respective instructions to achieve that, here

Once you see that you have received a payment from a user to your PayPal account, go ahead and manually enroll them in the relevant course.

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