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How to Request your API Keys and Access Tokens

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API (Application Programming Interface) allows applications to communicate with one another. You can leverage the power of our public API to get information on various courses, user info, bundles, subscriptions, promotions, payments, and certifications, and integrate learning across your organization.

Below, you can find instructions on how to request and generate your API keys, enabling you to initiate API calls and begin utilizing the API functionalities.

Request API Keys

By following these steps, you can request your API keys:

1. Go to Settings → Developers → API.

2. Click on Request API keys.

Your API Client ID and Client Secret will automatically appear. Click on Show to see the IDs and click on Copy if you wish to copy them. 

You are also able to Regenerate the keys if required and Copy the API URL

Generate Access Tokens

You can take advantage of the token-based authentication to allow your systems access our public API. 

Regarding Access Tokens you can: 

1. See the Status of the Access Token, and the Expiration Date, and Show, Copy, or even Revoke the Access Token, by hovering over it.

2. You can create new Access Tokens by clicking on Create

You can find out more about the LearnWorlds API possibilities in our relevant article: LearnWorlds API documentation.

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