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How to Create a Trial School in LearnWorlds

Take advantage of our 30-day free trial to explore most of the available LearnWorlds features at no cost. This will help you determine the optimal plan for your needs!

Create your free trial

To create your free trial with LearnWorlds:

1. Go to our LearnWorlds page .

2. Click on Get Started Free.

3. Fill in your email and your desired trial school's URL.

You can also create a new trial via your LearnWorlds Schools Dashboard, by clicking on Create School:

or via an existing LearnWorlds school by clicking on Get a new school.

After your trial school is created, you will be asked to:

1. Give a name to your school and set up your password. This will be the admin password for your school.

2.  Select a school template to start building your academy's website right away with professionally designed, beautiful, and ready-to-go site templates from LearnWorlds. You can find more information on the available templates and how to choose the best template for your LearnWorlds school in this article.

3. Help us improve your experience by answering some questions.

Your new trial school is ready for you to work on! 

You can activate a plan at any time. After the 30-day trial period has expired, and since you have not upgraded to any paid plan, your LearnWorlds school will be automatically scheduled for deletion and will be permanently deleted within the next few weeks.

Available features in trial 

Before choosing the most appropriate plan for you, we recommend reviewing our table comparing plans, as each of the LearnWorlds subscription plans comes with distinct features.

While in the free trial, the following functionalities are not available: add a custom domain, white-label your academy, use the bulk actions feature, mass emails, connect a payment gateway, upload your own custom font, use the seat offering feature and user groups, create subscriptions (since a payment gateway is mandatory), add a different currency (not pre-loaded), connect the SSO plugin, create user automations, use our API and connect your Zapier account to your school.

Also, one of the methods we use for security and protection against phishing attacks is disabling the links for logged-out users for fresh trial accounts. This is why you will see your links working when you are logged in (either in the Preview mode or logged-in with a user account) but they seem not to work when you are logged out (for instance, if you visit your school as a logged-out visitor on an incognito window, you will get the /#, e.g.

Last but not least, you can create up to 60 user accounts and 5 non-learner accounts in a trial school, which allows you to fully test your school's navigation and user experience.

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