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How to Whitelabel your Google Social Login

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LearnWorlds is making it possible to have your very own white-labeled branded Social Logins for Facebook, LinkedinTwitterGoogle, and Apple. This means that you can completely remove any mention of the LearnWorlds brand (e.g., LearnWorlds logo) on the Social Logins. 
This article provides a step-by-step guide to Whitelabeling your Google Social Login. You can also check Google's relevant guide here.

Google Developer Account Settings

In order to set up your Developer Account settings, you need to follow the steps below:

1. Login with your Google Account in the Google Cloud Platform and click on Console option. 

2. Select the Select a project dropdown menu. You can either choose an already existing organization or create a new project. To create a new project, you can read the relevant instructions in the Google article here.

3. You need to click on APIs and Services  Auth consent screen External Create. Fill out the OAuth consent screen fields and click on Save and Continue.

  • The Support email is related to the email that users can contact if they have questions about their consent.
  • In the Authorized domains option, you need to add an authorized domain. If your app needs to go through verification, please go to the Google Search Console to check if your domains are authorized. For more info, you can read our relevant article here.
  • You cannot authorize subdomains. If you go to add a subdomain in the Authorized domains field, you may get an error message.
  • The Developer account email has to be filled out in case Google needs to notify you about any changes to your project.
4. Automatically, you will be redirected to the next step (Scopes). Click on Add or remove scopes button and select the auth/ and /auth/userinfo.profile (which are the first two options) → Update  Save and Continue.

5. You need to go to Credentials  Create Credentials  OAuth Client ID  Web Application Authorized redirect URLs add your school's domain with f/signin/google (for example and click on Create.

Copy the unique Client ID and the Client Secret to finalize the white labeling process in your LearnWorlds school.

Finalize the Whitelabeling Configuration in LearnWorlds

1. Navigate to your LearnWorlds school and click on Website → Website Settings →  Authentication → Social under Website

2. Add the Client ID (Key) and Secret under Whitelabel Social Logins and click on Save.

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