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How to Create an Embed Learning Activity

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LearnWorlds offers the capability to embed content in your courses, allowing you to import various web content. Embedding allows for a richer and more engaging learning experience by incorporating interactive and up-to-date resources directly into the course material.

In this article, we will learn how to create an embed learning activity in LearnWorlds.

Create the embed learning activity

To create an embedded learning activity, after creating your course and the course sections:

1. Navigate to the Course Manager, locate the desired course, and go to Course outline.

2. Click on Add activity.

3. Choose the Embed learning activity under the Embed category.

4. Give a title to your Embed learning activity and click on Save or Save and Edit to make changes immediately. 

Insert the embed code

To customize the embed learning activity, and insert the embed code:

1. Hover over the learning activity and click on Settings (if you have clicked on Save and Edit in the activity creation process, skip this step).

2. Paste the embedded HTML code in the respective field, and click on Save.

Variables and Embedded Videos

When using the embed learning activity, you can incorporate variables within the code box, positioned either above or below the relevant code. This enables you to personalize the outcome by showing details such as the user's name, course ID, and additional information.

You can find more information on integrating a third-party tool (which can generate an embed code) with your LearnWorlds school here.

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