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How to Integrate Webex with your LearnWorlds School

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Webex is a popular teleconferencing option to meet and collaborate in several online educational settings. You can connect your LearnWorlds school with your Webex account and then create Webex learning activities.  

In this article, you will find all of the information you need to connect Webex with your LearnWorlds school. 

Connect your Webex account

1. Go to Settings  Integrations  Live Sessions.

2. Activate your Webex Integration.

3. Choose whether you wish to allow instructors to connect their own Webex accounts (available in our Learning Center plans or higher). 

4. Click on Connect account

Once your account is connected, you can also assign the account to some or all of your school instructors. 

Connect Multiple Webex Accounts 

In our Learning Center plans or higher, you can connect multiple Webex accounts. Follow the previous steps and connect additional Webex accounts. 

Assign Instructors to Webex Accounts

Instructors can connect their own Webex accounts via their instructor Dashboard (available on Learning Center plans or higher) if you have enabled the Enable Instructor Accounts field on your Live Sessions page. They need to navigate to Settings Live Sessions and connect their account.

The Webex accounts associated and connected by an instructor in the instructor dashboard will not be visible in the admin dashboard.

Uninstall the Webex App

Navigate to your Live Sessions page and click on Disconnect. The Webex account will be instantly removed.

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