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How to Integrate Webex with your LearnWorlds School

Many people use Webex to meet and collaborate in several online educational settings. Webex is a built-in integration for subscribers of the LearnWorlds Pro Trainer plan or above.

Connect your LearnWorlds school with your Webex account and then use the Webex learning activity inside your courses. It’s important to note that your school can be connected to several Webex accounts so as to host simultaneous live events. 

Note: Your school also has a Live Sessions calendar where you are able to view and control all of the upcoming and past live sessions you create via Webex.

Connect Webex

Connect with your Webex account

1. Go to Settings → Integrations → Live Sessions.

2. Activate your Webex Integration.

3. Choose whether you wish to allow instructors to connect their own Webex accounts (available in our Learning Center plans and above). 

4. Click on Add your account

5. Enter your Webex credentials and click Connect:

  • Account Title: The title of your Account.
  • Webex User ID (or email): Your account’s user ID or email.
  • Password: The password of your Webex account. 
  • Site Link: The name of your Webex Site. Make sure to not add in your Site name field. Check the image below:

Once your account is connected you can also assign the account to some or all of your school instructors. Please note that this is available in our Pro plans (only one connected account) and our Learning Center plans (multiple accounts).

Connect multiple Webex accounts (available in our Learning Center plans or higher)

In our Learning Center customers and above, we give you the ability to connect multiple Webex accounts. Follow the previous steps and connect additional Webex accounts. 

Assign instructors to Webex accounts (available in our Learning Center plans or higher)

It is possible for instructors to connect their own Webex accounts via their instructor Dashboard if you have enabled the Enable instructor accounts field in your Live Sessions page:

 While in the instructor Dashboard, click on Live Sessions and connect your Webex account. 

Note: The Webex accounts associated and connected by an instructor in the instructor Dashboard will not be visible in the admin Dashboard.


As an instructor, you can also see all of the assigned Webex accounts from your author. 

Webex Learning Activities

Create Webex learning activities in your courses

Once you connect Webex with your LearnWorlds school, you will be able to add a Webex activity into your courses. When adding a new learning activity in the course contents, click the Live session tab and select Webex meeting

After the learning activity has been created, click on the Settings button to configure all the properties.

Setting up a Webex meeting

A course author can set up most of the common settings provided by Webex, including:

  • Webex topic
  • Webex description
  • Date/Time
  • Duration 
  • Password. Note, that if you do not add a password, Webex will autogenerate one for you.
  • Enable chat feature
  • Enable meeting record.

If you have additional Webex accounts connected (available in our Learning Center plan and above) you will also be able to choose the Webex account associated with the learning activity. 

Starting and Managing Live Sessions

You can create as many Live Sessions as you want in as many courses as you wish.

The school owner can review and edit all the scheduled live sessions inside their courses, in a simple and clear calendar view (Webex live sessions appear in green color).

If you click on any of the upcoming live sessions in the calendar, you can see the meeting setup properties. Upcoming meetings, as listed in the calendar view, also include the ability to start the live session. So this calendar functions as the dashboard for all your live sessions. 

The Upcoming and Previous tabs offer a list of all previous and coming live sessions with similar administration functionality. Additionally, from these lists you are able to access the course in which the meeting belongs and also perform the following actions:

  • Start session
  • Edit session
  • Delete session

Delete Webex meetings

You can delete a Webex meeting in two ways:

  • You can delete the Webex learning activity of a course
  • You can delete a Webex from the Live Sessions page

Note: When you delete a Webex session from the Live Sessions page, the course learning activity that includes the Webex meeting will not be removed and can be used to initiate a new meeting.

If you delete a Webex activity either from the Live sessions page or by deleting the course activity, the meeting will NOT be deleted from your Webex account (you can always delete it from within your account). 

Each Meeting can be in the following states:

  • Pending → has not started yet 
  • In Progress → has started, not ended yet 
  • Finished → has started, has been ended by the instructor

How users participate in Webex meetings

Users can access your meetings only if they are enrolled in the courses that include the respective Live Session learning activities. 

They have to access the course (enrolling in the free course or buying a paid course), initialize the course player, and click on the Live Session learning activity of their choice. 

Once the instructor/school admin starts the meeting, the students will be able to join the meeting, and be redirected to the Webex app. 

Uninstalling the Webex app

Navigate to your Live Sessions page and click on Disconnect. The Webex account will be instantly removed.

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