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How to Create a Form Learning Activity

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Our Form Builder provides an intuitive, built-in solution for collecting feedback from your users. With a wide range of question types available, you can easily create custom forms and conveniently access and review the responses through your school's platform. 

The Form Learning activity, allows you to create forms bound to a course learning activity, so only the enrolled users of the specific course will be able to access them.

In this article, we will go through the Course form learning activity creation process and see how to review the responses. 

Create the Form Learning Activity

1. Create your course and the Course Sections.

2. Go to Courses, find your course & then go to its Contents tab.

3. Click on Add an Activity.

4. Under the Form category select a pre-made template or blank form. 

5. Give a title to your Form learning activity and click on Save or Save & Edit.

Note: The Form learning activity is considered completed once the form is submitted.

Edit the Form

Once the Form learning activity is created, click on Edit Form to add your Form template. You can choose one of our templates available or create your own.  You can:

  • Edit your Starting and Ending screen. 

You are able to add a Welcome and Outro screen and further customize it by adding widgets.

While most forms come by default with a Starting and Ending screen, the Starting screen can be removed, however, the Ending screen cannot. Keep in mind that some of our pre-made templates do not come with a starting screen by default so you may need to add one. 

  • Add a new or duplicate a section. Sections can be added by clicking on the + icon that appears when hovering over the existing section. After adding the section and clicking on it, then you can rename, duplicate, move, or delete it.
  • Add your Form Questions under the form sections. 
  • Customize the Design of your Form
  • Choose the After Submission action. You can choose whether the form will restart when the user revisits it, and you can tag your users after they complete the form. 
  • By navigating to the settings, you can choose Form Navigation (Classic, Card-based, Section-based).
  • You can change the language of your form by navigating to Settings.
  • You can also review your users' responses.


Note: The Share option under the Settings tab can only be used for the Marketing form type.

Review the Form's responses

You can review your users' responses in your created Form learning activity:

1. Under your course's Contents tab, hover over the Form activity and click on Responses

2. In your created Form learning activity authoring mode, by clicking on Responses at the authoring topbar.

3. By navigating to Courses→ Course Forms Hover over the Course Form learning activity you wish and click on Responses.

You can find out more on how to review your form answers in our respective article

  • The Undo/Redo option can be used within the editing mode of the type of questions and not for the assessment settings, design, responses, etc. 
  • Additionally, the Undo/Redo option can be utilized after saving a Page or Assessment/Form if you do not leave the page you are editing.

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