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How to Whitelabel your Twitter Social Login

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LearnWorlds is making it possible to have your very own white-labeled branded Social Logins for Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google, and Apple. This means that you can completely remove any mention of the LearnWorlds brand (e.g., LearnWorlds logo) on the Social Logins. 

In this article, you will find a step-by-step guide to Whitelabel your school's Twitter Social Login.  

Twitter Developer Account Settings

In order to Whitelabel the Twitter social login of your LearnWorlds school, you need to create & set up your Twitter Developer Account and follow these steps:

1. Create a Twitter Developer Account. You will find all the steps on how to register as a Twitter developer in Twitter's guide here.

2. Verify the email address and phone number for your Twitter account. The email and phone number verification in your Twitter account may be needed to apply for a developer account.

3. While logged into your Twitter Developer account click on the Products in the left menu and then click on +Create Project.

4. Add the Project Name and click on Next. 

5. Add the Use case (how you intend to use your Twitter account) and click on Next. 

6. Add the Project Description and click on Next.

7. Create an App under Projects & Apps → Twitter Login. Choose Production under App Development and click on Next. 

8. Choose the App name and continue to the next step. 

9. Under Keys & Tokens, you will find the API Key and API Key Secret, which you will need to copy since these values will then be added to your LearnWorlds school to finalize the process.

10. Click on Projects & Apps → Twitter Login and choose your created app. Click on Settings and set up the User Authentication Settings.

  • Enable the Request email from users
  • Select the Web App on the Type of App
  • Add the Callback URI / Redirect URL: (you will need to change the with your domain)
  • Fill in your LearnWorlds Website URL, Terms of service URL, and Privacy Policy URL

Finalize the Whitelabeling Configuration in LearnWorlds

1. Navigate to your LearnWorlds school and click on Website Settings → Authentication Social under Website

2. Add the API Key and Secret (step 9) under Whitelabel Social Logins and click on Save. 

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