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How to Launch your App

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In order to launch your created app, after purchasing a paid plan, you will need to check the info provided and submit your application. We will take over from that point and submit the applications for review and publication in the stores. 

The publication process of your apps consists of the following steps:

  • Confirm & Submit
  • LearnWorlds Review
  • Add Your Courses
  • Play Store/App Store Review
  • Publication

Navigate to Mobile App → Launch. On the Launch app page, you will find the menu for both the Play Store and App Store. Follow the process and publish your created app.

Confirm and Submit

Review and begin the submission process. This is your last chance to edit any personalization elements as shown in the checklist. Confirm all of your edits and click on Submit to begin the process.

In case something is marked with a red warning you can review the following pages/fields:

  • School courses: Make sure that you have created at least one Paid or Free Course
  • Colorscheme: Customize your AppColorscheme
  • Name / Icon: Customize your AppName / Icon
  • Splash Screen: Customize your AppSplash Screen
  • Onboarding: Customize your App Onboarding
  • Sign in / Sign up: Customize your App → Sign in / Sign up
  • Translations: Customize your App → Translations
  • Play Store or App Store Listing: Prepare Submissions 
  • Review Team Account


  • Make sure that you have selected the appropriate tab (Play Store or App Store) and click on Submit. 
  • The Submit button appears only when all the prerequisites have been fulfilled. 
  • If you would like to publish your application to both the Play Store and App Store, you will need to click submit on both tabs. 

LearnWorlds Review

Our development team will take over to test and review the application. This process typically takes between 5-10 business days. As soon as the review process is complete, you will receive an email with the result. If the app gets approved and no changes are required to be made, the app will automatically be submitted to the Stores for the final review before publication. If for any reason changes are required or recommended, you will need to make the changes as requested and resubmit the app.

Add Your Courses

Select the courses you want to make available in your apps and provide them as in-app purchases to the Stores (Play Store/App Store).

Store Review

After our team tests and reviews your app, we will submit it to Stores for the final review. The publishing process usually takes 2-4 weeks. It is normal and expected that newly submitted apps may get rejected. Our experienced team will handle all communications with the Stores, ensuring the app gets approved. No further action will be needed by you.


After the review process from the Stores (Play Store/App Store), your app will be published and ready to use! 

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