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How to Activate and Navigate the People Directory App

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In LearnWorlds, users can view, follow, and contact other users and visit their profiles. Activating the People Directory app enables the People page for users to access. 

This article will guide you through activating the People Directory app and exploring the available options for your users on this page.

Activate the People Directory app

Navigate to Settings  Learning Apps Apps Configurator to activate the People directory app.

Access the People Directory

You can add the People directory app as an option in the topbar, a button, or any other element to provide users with access to it.

- To add the People Directory app as an option at the topbar, click on the topbar navigation menu and:

a.  Use one of the pre-ready After login topbar links.

b. Create a new link by following the steps here. Make sure to choose the Apps → People as an on-click option.

- To add the People Directory app in a button or element, choose the desired button or element, click on Actions and choose the Apps → People as an on-click option.

Explore the People Directory options

After enabling the People Directory app:

1. The Learners tab which shows course classmates, will be displayed in the course player solely when the People directory app has been activated. 

To activate the People directory app while excluding the Learners tab for specific courses, go to the Course player tab of those courses and deselect the option to Show all course learners.


2. Your users will be able to follow other users.

3. Users can send direct messages to other users if the respective inbox access setting is enabled.

Follow/Unfollow Users

To follow or unfollow other users, your users will need to:

1. Navigate to the People app page.

2. Choose the users they would like to follow or unfollow (150 user profiles will be randomly displayed).

3. Click on Follow or Unfollow.

After following other users, they will be able to access other users' profile pages and contact them. They will also have the option to report them if they want to.

- When users try to access the People app, they will be redirected to the relevant page, with /people at the end of the school URL. The description of the User Card can be added in the Professional Experience section while editing each user's Profile.

- You can hide the Network section on the Profile page by following the instructions here.

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