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How can Users Access your App

In this article, you can see all of the different ways that a user can access your Mobile app.

In order for your users to get access to your app:

1. They can create an account in your app (Sign-up functionality) and purchase your courses, or log in using their credentials (Sign-in functionality). 

2. As the admin, you are able to enable the Guest User Flow and allow your app users to explore the available courses without creating an account.

3. In case you have set up an SSO (SAML) for your school, users will be able to use their credentials to log in.

Create an Account 

In case, users haven't created an account yet, they can sign up via your app, by clicking on the Sign up with our email button. If they have already signed up, they can login, in by adding their credentials. 

Guest User Flow

By activating this setting, you allow your users to explore your academy's app before registration. As a result, app users are free to discover courses and find out more about your academy before creating an account or enrolling in any selected course (free or paid). 

To enable this setting:

From your admin's dashboard, click on the Mobile App → Customize your app→ Sign up/in tab and enable the Guest User Flow option. 

SSO Setup

In case you have set up an SSO (Single Sign-On), your users can directly log in by using their credentials.

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