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How to Connect your LearnWorlds school with Make

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Make is an online automation tool that allows you to connect different apps and automate repetitive workflows. This means you can automate many workflows by connecting your LearnWorlds school to any of the 1000+ apps available on Make (including Salesforce, Unbounce, Google Sheets, Survey Monkey, etc.).

In this article, we will learn how to connect your LearnWorlds school with Make. 

Sign In/Up to Make

Visit Make’s official website and log in to your Make account. If you don’t have a Make account, click on Sign up to create one.

Connect your Make account with LearnWorlds

Once you have logged into your Make account, click on Create a new scenario to link Make with LearnWorlds.

Once the new page has loaded, type LearnWorlds in the search field and select the LearnWorlds Integration that shows up in your search results.

You will need to log in to your LearnWorlds School account. Follow the steps outlined in this support guide to install the app, as you will need to copy and paste your API credentials from your school. If you do not already have these credentials, you can request them as explained here.

How to Use Make

You have successfully connected your LearnWorlds account with Make. You can further add available triggers and actions by clicking on the +icon

In case you are a new user of Make, you can watch this video on how to add triggers, and actions and fill in the Map Fields. Remember to use the available variables that you can find for each field in the relevant drop-down menu.

To further add filters and multiple branches in your workflows, you can visit this support page.

In order for Make to use some samples during the testing process, you will need to have an available test user account in your school, be enrolled in any product, or have fulfilled the Trigger you want to set.

Available Triggers and Actions

A workflow usually consists of two or more steps. The first is always a Trigger (event) that is fired from the source system, and the following steps are either Search or Actions (would perform an action/creation on the target system).

Webhook triggers available in Make:

Triggers (webhooks)Description
Watch user Unenrolled Triggers when a user is unenrolled from the product.
Watch user Created/Updated Triggers when a new user has been created, or an existing one was updated.
Watch Tag Added Triggers when a tag is added to a user.
Watch Tag Removed Triggers when a tag is removed from a user.
Watch Certificate Created Triggers when a certificate is awarded to a user.
Watch Lead Created Triggers when an email lead is captured.
Watch Previews Triggers when a free section is previewed.
Watch Course CompletedTriggers when the course is completed.
Watch Subscription StartedTriggers when a payment for a subscription is received.
Watch Subscription UpdatedTriggers when a subscription is updated (either planned for cancellation or renewed, or the selected plan has been updated).
Watch Subscription CancelledTriggers when a subscription is cancelled.
Watch Subscription Trial StartedTriggers when a subscription trial has started. 
Watch Subscription Trial EndedTriggers when a subscription trial ends in three days. 
Watch Enrollment Purchase CreatedTriggers when a purchase occurs.
Watch Payment CreatedTriggers when a payment transaction for purchase (including one-off purchase, subscription payment, or installment of a payment plan) is successfully charged. For a subscription or a payment plan, a new transaction is created for every single payment.

You can find more information about LearnWorlds webhooks, in this article

Actions available on LearnWorlds:



Create User
Adds a new user to the school. If a user with this email already exists, this user will be updated. 
Update UserUpdates an existing user.
Enroll the User on a Product
Gives the user access to a product: a course (paid, private, free) or bundle. If a user with this email already exists in Learnworlds, this user will be enrolled in the selected product. If not, then a new user will be created and then enrolled in the selected product.
Unenroll the User From a Product
Removes access from a course (paid, private) or bundle for the given user.
Suspend a UserSuspends a user from logging in or creating another account.
Unsuspend a UserUnsuspends a user.
Add tags to the user
Adds one or more tags to a user.
Remove Tags From the User
Removes one or more tags from a user.
Get a user
Searches for a user by email or user id.
Lists usersLists all existing users.
Lists coursesLists all existing courses.
Make an API callPerforms an arbitrary authorized API call.

As soon as you create your workflow, you can run the test and schedule how often it should operate.

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