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How to Take Care of Sales Tax with Quaderno Checkout Links

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Quaderno is an excellent service to auto-calculate your taxes so as to make the whole taxation process a piece of cake. We recommend using Quaderno in our built-in integration, as described in our article How to Take Care of Tax sales in LearnWorlds with Quaderno, which does not require extra work and a Zapier account since taxes will be automatically calculated on the checkout page of your school's product.

However, if you want to use Zapier in your implementation as you prefer Zapier and its flow, you can use Quaderno checkout links. On LearnWorlds, you may follow these steps:

1. In your courses’ pages, remove the Course Hero section with the automatic enrollment button and add a new Hero section for the course with a custom button to the Quaderno checkout link. 

2. Remove payment sections on that page if you have any.

3. Connect your Stripe account to Quaderno.

4. In your Quaderno Create link form, you may set an after-purchase redirection link:

  • Success URL: After a successful payment, you may redirect the user to your school (for example, the Thank You page).
  • Cancel URL: in case of failed payment, you have the option to create a special page on the school and redirect the users to this page.

5. Add a Zap to enroll the user when the payment is completed on Quanderno (or Stripe). In the attached image, you can check the exact Zap you need to create (only paid courses and bundles can be enrolled via Zapier). Alternatively, once you see the incoming payment, you can manually enroll the user.

6. Contact our support team in order to disable the built-in invoices (Quaderno will now be generating the invoices for you).

Hint for creating the custom purchase button

The build-in automatically enroll button on courses has dual functionality: if the user is not registered to the course, then it redirects the user to the payment form, and if the user is already registered to the course, then by pressing the button, the user will be redirected to the course activities. To mimic this functionality we suggest creating two buttons:

  • One to enroll and redirect the user to your Quaderno Checkout Links. Don't forget to set its visibility to unenrolled users
  • And one continue learning button, which will redirect the user to the course activity with visibility set to “enrolled users”.

Once you complete the setup, the user’s course/bundle purchase workflow will be as follows:

a. The user clicks the custom enroll button.

b. The user will be redirected to the Quaderno checkout form to fill in the address and payment information.

c. Upon payment completion, the learner is redirected to a LearnWorlds page (e.g. Thank you page).

d. The Zap will be fired to enroll the user in the course (or bundle).

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