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How to Use the Automatic Enrollment Buttons

In LearnWorlds, we support easy-to-use Automatic System (Enroll) Buttons that help you set up the:

  • Payment flow
  • Course navigation flow

After your course content is ready and you are about to launch, it is important to arrange your users' purchase & course navigation flow so unenrolled users can purchase the course, and enrolled users will navigate to the course player. 

The Automatic System Buttons are available in the:

  • Course Hero section
  • Products (Course Catalogue/Cards) section
  • By adding a Buttons for Enrollment widget.

Course Hero & Automatic System Button

You should add a Course Hero section to your school's Course Layout pages. The Course Hero section includes the Automatic System Button.

The Automatic Enroll Button, included in the Course Hero section, has two essential functionalities that set up the user's purchase and course navigation flow. It recognizes the users that:

1. Haven't purchased this course yet (unenrolled users).

2. Have already purchased this course (enrolled users).

According to these parameters, the Automatic System button has a double functionality for logged-in users:

1. It appears as Enroll for the unenrolled users, so they can click on it and be directed to the payment page to purchase this specific course. 

2. It automatically switches from Enroll to a Continue button once a user enrolls in this course and directs the enrolled user to the course player to access the course's contents.

If the course is Free, the Enroll button won't direct users to the Payment page, but it will immediately enroll them in the course for free without purchase and will switch directly from Enroll to a Continue button.


  • The Automatic Enroll button is available for Paid (available for purchase) & Free (available for free enrollment) types of courses and automatically disappears for non-available-to-enroll types of courses (Private, Coming Soon, Enrollment Closed).
  • The Automatic Enroll button includes the price you have set up for this course and the discounted one (if available).
  • The Payment Flow may vary according to the Payment Flow setup you have chosen for your school.

Products (Course Catalogue/Cards) & Automatic System Button

The Products (Course Catalogue) section includes the Automatic Enroll Buttons, which are eye-catching to the potential buyer. 

Once you have added such a Products section to any page of your school, e.g., to your Home, After Login or Courses page, etc., then when a potential user visits your school's page, they can click on the aforementioned Automatic Enroll button on the course card to purchase the course. 

1. The buttons on the Course Cards appear as Enroll for the unenrolled users so they can click on it, and they will be able to purchase this specific course.

2. It automatically switches from Enroll to a Continue button once a user gets enrolled in this course, and the enrolled user can access the course's contents.

You can set up the navigation path of the Enroll button on the course cards by editing the Course Cards and choosing the relevant When Clicked action.

You can choose the Enroll/Continue button once clicked to direct users:

  • Go to overview: To the Course Layout page.
  • Go to course player: To the Course Player of this course to access its contents (if enrolled).
  • Go to check out: To the Payment page to purchase the relevant course (unenrolled users).

Remove the price on the Automatic System button

The Automatic Enroll button includes the price you have set up for this course and the discounted one (if available). You can remove it with the below CSS code in your school's Custom Code:

.-enroll-btn-wrapper .course-button-price {
    display: none;

Visit the specific Course Layout page where you have added the Course Hero section with the Automatic Enroll Buttons, go to Site Custom Code, and add the CSS code in Page Custom code and the slots <style> logged in (css) & <style> logged out (css). Click on Update.

Buttons for Enrollment widget

You can add a Buttons for Enrollment widget (specific for Courses, Bundles and Subscriptions) in any page and section you wish. After adding the button it is required to select the desired Course, Bundle or Subscription. 

Custom (Enroll) Buttons

As mentioned, the Automatic Enroll Button offers default navigation directions.

You may wish to set up customized redirections; hence, you shouldn't use the Automatic System (Enroll) Buttons. In such a case, you can Add and Customize the Buttons Widget, and you will find several On click actions to choose the one that better deserves your goal for your Custom Button and specify its destination/purpose accordingly.  

For example, in case you are using an External Payment method and not the integrated Payment Gateways, if the External Payment Gateway supports payment URLs, change the button's text to e.g. Enroll, redirect users to the external payment checkout for the desired course, and set the visibility of the custom button to unenrolled users.

In such a case, the plain Custom Button does not automatically switch from Enroll to Continue button for unenrolled and enrolled users accordingly.

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