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Learning Activities Supported by LearnWorlds

In this article, you can find all the Learning Activities supported by LearnWorlds categorized as Multimedia, Live Sessions, Assessments, Form, Certificates, and embedded types of learning activities. 

Once you create your course, you can start adding the Course Sections and Learning Activities!

1. Go to the Courses tab and select the course you want to edit.

2. In the Contents tab, add sections to organize your material.

3. Click on Add activity to start adding learning activities within the sections.

4. Click on Save or Save and Edit to make changes immediately. 

The Legacy learning activities are based on previous activity builders. We recommend using our latest features!

Video (interactive)

In LearnWorlds, you can directly upload a video file and use it in your courses or include an existing video that is stored on Vimeo or Wistia. You can find more information here


An Ebook learning activity is a learning object for presenting textual information. You can also import your existing text and present it by using tens of eye-catching and responsive templates. Your users will love the reading experience and the highlighting and notetaking tools. For information about the Ebook Authoring process, click here.


You can easily add PDF files to your courses, such as presentations, worksheets, or even whole books.

SCORM / HTML 5 Packages

With this option, you may upload SCORM or HTML 5 Packages (available in the Pro Trainer plan or higher).


You can insert YouTube videos in your courses using the YouTube embeddable code.


This option will allow you to include audio files in your courses.


You can use the embeddable code of a SoundCloud track in your courses.

Live Meetings & Webinars With Zoom

You can also create Zoom meetings and webinars (available for the Pro Trainer plan or higher). If you have additional Zoom accounts connected (available in our Learning Center plan or higher), you will also be able to choose the Zoom account associated with the learning activity. 

Live Meetings with Webex

Once you connect Webex with your LearnWorlds school, you can add a Webex activity to your courses (available for the Pro Trainer plan or higher). If you have additional Webex accounts connected (available in our Learning Center plan or higher), you will also be able to choose the Webex account associated with the learning activity.

1:1 Session

In LearnWorlds, you can allow your users to schedule a 1:1 session with you as an admin or any course creators and instructors using the built-in Calendly integration.

Exam (Graded Assessment) 

With our assessment builder, you can create examination tasks with advanced or simple scoring to evaluate your users' progress. An exam it's a formal test that can include multiple-choice questions, multiple-choice with multiple answers, questions that require short answers, open-ended questions that require manual grading from admins or instructors, and file assignments.

Note: File Assignment questions are available for use in the Pro Trainer plan or higher. 

Self-Assessment (Non-Graded Assessment)

Self-assessments are informal tests that can facilitate the revision of a particular lesson or help to store feedback in your school for survey purposes. Scoring is not available in this type of assessment, and users can get immediate feedback for their responses.

Graded SCORM Package

Graded SCORM packages enhance our SCORM learning activity option (available in the Pro Trainer plan or higher) that allows you to integrate Score and Pass/Fail results from SCORM into your Gradebook


The Form Learning Activity (available in the Pro Trainer plan or higher) is an intuitive way to create surveys bound to your courses and receive feedback from your users. The school admin can build a survey with many question types and later review the user user responses later

Certificate of Knowledge

Certificates are formal exams, and if they are completed successfully, users get an award in a PDF format.

Certificate of Completion

Certificates of completion are awarded to users after they have finished studying a course (they have visited all the learning activities or they have successfully passed all the tests of a course). 


Our platform supports embedding so you can import all sorts of web content to your courses, from google forms to presentations.


You can use the embeddable code of a Slideshare presentation to present visual material to your users.

External Link

With this option, you can include web pages as external sources in your courses.

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