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How to Send Push Notifications to your App Users

Push notifications are a powerful tool for enhancing user engagement and retaining customers on mobile apps, as they provide a non-intrusive means of informing users about updates and encouraging ongoing participation. 

In this article, we will explore how to effectively deliver push notifications to your app's audience!

To create push notifications, navigate to Communication  Push notifications. Click on Create Push Notification, and proceed with the steps provided in the wizard.

1. Create the push notification, choose the tap behavior, and see a preview of the notification on iOS, Android, or in-app.

a. Create your message by filling in the title and message, uploading a media file, and choosing the button label

Ensure that when you upload media, the file format is either JPG, PNG, or GIF, with dimensions of at least 300 pixels wide by 200 pixels high and a file size no larger than 1MB.

-The button label refers to the button that appears when the push notification pops up while the user is using the App.

b. Choose the tap behavior by sending recipients to a specific screen or course.

You also have the option to add a tag to users who click on the push notification. To activate this feature, enable the "Tag recipients who open this push notification" option and select the tag you wish to use.

c. Preview how the notification will look for users. You can choose to view the iOS, Android, and in-app (inside the app after the user clicks on the notification) previews.

When you are ready, click on Next.


  • If you decide to redirect users to a screen in the mobile app, you can choose any of the app screens you have created using our mobile app builder.

  • If you decide to redirect users to your Courses, make sure the course selected has been added to the mobile app and specify the page type (course overview, course checkout, course activity).

2. Select the recipients of the push notification. Add combined search filters by clicking on Add filter and see who satisfies the criteria by clicking on Apply filters. Once you are ready, click on Next.

3. Select the date, time, and timezone for when you'd like the push notification to be sent out, and click on Next.

5. Review the push notification settings in the summary field and click on Save & Schedule

The push notification will be triggered on the chosen date and time and sent to the eligible users!

- Ensure that all fields are filled out correctly so that the "Next" button becomes clickable.

- If you have integrated your Google Firebase Project, remember to follow these steps for your users to receive the push notification.

- You can find more information on managing your push notifications in our respective article

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