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How to Send Push Notifications to your App Users

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Every smartphone user has indeed received a push notification at least once! Push notifications are an amazing way to drive user engagement and customer retention, as they are a non-invasive way to update your users on what's new and motivate them to continue learning. Let's see how you can send push notifications to your mobile app users!

1. Navigate to Communication → Push notifications and click on Create Push Notification.

2. Fill in the title (1), description (2), and button label (3) as well as decide where the notification will take them (4). When you are ready, click on Next

The button label refers to the button that appears when the push notification pops up, while the user is using the App.


  • Make sure that you have filled all the fields in order for Next to be clickable.
  • If you decide to redirect users to a Page in the mobile app, you have the following options: Purchases (1st tab in your Mobile app), Courses (2nd tab), Performance (the 3rd tab), Profile, Notifications, Settings, ActivityLog (4th tab)

  • If you decide to redirect users to your Courses, make sure the course selected has been added to the mobile app and specify the page type (course overview, course checkout, course activity).

3. Select the users who will receive the push notification. You can add combined search filters and see who satisfies the criteria. Then, click on Next.

4. Choose the date and time (along with the timezone) that the push notification will be sent out and click on Next

5. Review the information entered and click on Save & Activate

The push notification will be triggered on the chosen date and time and sent to the eligible users!

If you have integrated your Google Firebase Project, don't forget to also follow these steps for your users to receive the push notification.

We can find more information on managing your Push Notifications in our respective article

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