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How to Create Community Manager and Space Manager Roles

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Within LearnWorlds, you can assign Predefined Roles and you have the option to create Custom User Roles (available in the Learning Center plan or above). This enables the establishment of Community Managers and Community Space Managers tasked with overseeing the broader community and specific community spaces, respectively.

Using a Community inside your school can help users connect, collaborate, and grow together. You can divide this vibrant community into smaller groups and enhance communication using Spaces, where Community Space Managers are responsible. Spaces are dynamic clusters within your community's Collections (groups of spaces within your community).  

Community Manager/Community Space Manager Permissions

Community Space managers are able to View/Edit/Post/Delete posts in their assigned spaces, while Community Managers can: 

  • View/Edit/Post/Delete posts
  • Add/Edit/Reorder/Delete collections
  • Add/Edit/Reorder/Delete spaces

in all community spaces.

Create a Community Role

There are two different ways to create a new Community/Community Space Manager role:

1. Navigate to Users → User roles Add community manager under Admins or Add community space manager under Managers.

2. Navigate to Users  User rolesCreate a custom role.

In both options, you can edit the community manager user role or create new ones based on it. A custom role with the permission to Manage community is considered a community manager.

Assign a Community Manager Role

You can assign a predefined or custom Community Manager Role when adding a new user to your school (from the All Users page or Users  User roles) or by navigating to the Users  All Users page, hovering over the three dots next to the user you wish and click on Edit userChoose the Community Manager Admin Role (the predefined or the custom one) and click to Update the user.

Once assigned, you can see a list of your created Community Managers by navigating to Users  User roles. Hover over the three dots of the Community manager and click on View users.

Assign a Community Space Manager Role

There are two ways that you can assign a Community Space Manager:

1. You can assign a Predefined or Custom Community Space Manager Role in the process of adding a new user to your school (from the All Users page or Users  User roles and choose the Community space manager under Managers) or by navigating to the Users  All Users page, hovering over the three dots next to the user you wish and click on Edit user.

Choose the Community Space Manager Role and the Assigned Community Spaces, and click on Update User.

2. In your Community page, once a user is added to your created space, navigate to Collections, hover over Actions in the Space you are interested in, and click on Space Members. You can then hover over the user you wish to assign and Promote them to Space Manager. You can also check this article about community spaces

Once assigned, you can see a list of your created Community Space Managers by navigating to Users  User roles. Hover over the three dots of the Community space manager and click on View users.

It is also feasible to demote a Community Space Manager, by clicking on Demote from Space Manager in the Space you are interested in under Space Members by hovering over the manager.

Simulate the Community Roles

You can check the aspects of the platform that the specific reporting role can view without having access to the actual data, by hovering over the role on the User roles page and clicking on the Simulate option.

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