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How to Edit your Subscription Notification Emails

Your LearnWorlds school automatically sends email notifications for certain key events that take place. You can enable or disable these notifications and customize the contents of the email that users will receive.

In this article, we will learn how to enable and edit automatic email notifications related to subscriptions. 

Go to Settings → Notification emails → Subscription emails.

  • When a subscription trial starts.
  • When the subscription trial ends in three days: You can send your users a notification mail three days before the end of their subscription trial.
  • When a subscription trial ends.
  • When a user subscribes: When a user makes a new subscription, you can send them a thank you email.
  • When a subscription is renewed.
  • When a subscription is canceled.
  • When a subscription fails to be renewed.

Click on Save to save your changes.


  • If you wish to edit the links/variables of your Email Notifications, follow the steps in this article.
  • You have the option to customize emails for individual subscription plans or apply general rules within the subscription properties page. To access this, go to the admin dashboard, navigate to Marketing → Subscriptions → select the desired plan, and click Edit properties.

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