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How to Use the Interactive Video Editor

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What is the Interactive Video Editor?

The Video Editor is our powerful tool, offering advanced functionalities to add elements to your videos and transform them into an interactive, unique experience.

In this guide, we'll explore how to utilize the interactive video editor to leverage its full capabilities in achieving optimal results for your video creations.

How to Use the Interactive Video Editor

You can use the LearnWorlds Interactive Video Editor within the Video learning activities in your courses.

1. Create your course.

2. In your Course Section you need to Create a Video Learning Activity.

3. Hover over the Video Learning Activity and click on Edit Video.

4. You will get directed to the Interactive Video Editor environment.

In which Video Learning Activities can I use the editor?

All of the interactive elements are available if you upload your videos to your Course Video Library (regardless of the video provider selected).


  • If you add a video learning activity and use Vimeo or Wistia links as a source, you can also add elements (thumbnails, subtitles, and interactive transcripts are not supported). You can find all the steps on how to use each source here.
  • If you add interactive elements to a video and decide to change the video later and upload a new one on the same learning activity, the interactive elements will stay intact.

What features can I use?

The features of our interactive Video Editor are both simple elements (text, images, thumbnails, watermarks, and player skin) and interactive ones (interactions, subtitles, transcript):

Texts & images

You can add text or an image to your videos, choose among various templates, select the duration, and further customize their appearance and behavior through the settings panel.


Add buttons, offers, questions, or even embed code in your video. 


Table of contents

Create a table of contents and add your headings to categorize your videos into smaller parts and let your users easily navigate across them.


You can choose the frame of your choice or upload the image that best represents your video. Thumbnails are available if you use the Learnworlds provider for videos.


You can expand your video's accessibility to users across various languages and regions by incorporating subtitles. This feature not only enables viewers to engage with your content without the audio on but also serves as a vital tool for individuals with hearing impairments to remain engaged. Subtitles can be conveniently added by either uploading your .srt file or utilizing our auto-generation feature, accessible in our Learning Center plan or higher.

Interactive transcript

The uniqueness, in this case, is that you don't have to generate the transcription. The Video Editor will do that for you. Once it's created, you can further edit the text if you wish or download the transcript. You can also have your transcription created from your subtitles.


You can choose to add a watermark of your school logo, school name, user's email, or user's id, which can easily be set in your Copyright Protection settings

Player Skin

You can choose the player skin that better matches your school's look and feel from a variety of options.

Video Statistics

Video stats can help you see users' engagement, views, and audience stats to adjust and develop your content even more. Video Statistics are available if you use the Learnworlds provider for your videos.

List of elements

You can check the list of the elements you have added in the order of their appearance so that you can check the flow for the best and easiest editing of your videos. 

* Subtitles can be added by uploading your .srt file or autogenerated. Importing a .srt file is available in the Pro Trainer plan; subtitle autogeneration requires upgrading to the Learning Center plan.

You can find useful information on how to upload, set up, and manage your videos here.

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