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How to Manage Graded SCORM Results in Gradebook

For all of your Graded SCORM packages, you can view & manage the results of your users on your school's Gradebook.

Gradebook Access

To access the Gradebook of a specific Graded SCORM package:

1. Go to the course of your choice, locate the activity, hover over the Graded SCORM learning activity, and click on Gradebook.

2. Alternatively, you may navigate to CoursesGradebook and select the course for which you wish to see users' answers from the drop-down menu.

The Gradebook table will appear and you can locate the submitted Graded SCORM learning activity and edit your users' scores.

Edit Score

Once you click on Edit Score, a new side menu will appear, allowing you to:

1. Edit the user's score and change the score if you wish (that can be reset to the original at any time).

2. Add a new try: This option resets the user's progress within the SCORM package and allows the users to retake the Graded Scorm exam regardless of the internal Scorm rules. The previous grades are kept in the History and the completion of the course is not affected.

3. See more information on the edited score (who and when the change was made, as well as the original score) by hovering over the score.

4. Delete submitted records.

The detailed structure or answers of the SCORM are not displayed in the Gradebook, as the SCORM will produce a single Score and/or Pass & Fail values.

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