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How to Create Bulk Coupons

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Bulk Coupons allow you to massively create multiple different coupons that could be allocated separately to your potential customers. The procedure for creating Bulk Coupons is similar to creating coupons.

Navigate to Marketing → Promotions /Coupons, and click on Create a promotion:

1. Name your bulk promotion.

2. Choose the discount type.

3. Fill in the percentage or fixed amount of your discount.

4. Expand the courses list, select the course for which the promotion will apply, and click on Add product.

5. At this step you will create a large set of unique, random coupon codes all at once. You need to: add a prefix for your bulk coupon, the quantity, and/or the expiration date for the bulk coupons (optional). 

6. Click on Generate bulk coupon. You can see the bulk coupon, which you can delete at any time by clicking the bin button. After you are done with generating the bulk coupon click on Save.

It is very important to click on Savesince this is the only step that finalizes the bulk coupon and stores it on your promotions list. Otherwise, your bulk coupon will be discarded and you will have to start the process from scratch.

You can create up to 1,000 Bulk Coupons per promotion..

How to track your (used) bulk coupon codes

Back to Marketing Promotions/ Coupons, you can track the redemption of your bulk coupon under the Used/Quantity column:

  • Green: The times that the particular promotion coupon has been used so far.
  • Blue: The overall amount of coupons created.
  • Red: The expiration date of the promotion coupon.

If you want to check which coupons have precisely been redeemed, you have to click on the "Bulk" option under the "Coupons" column, and the Excel file will automatically be downloaded. In the downloaded file, you will see which coupon codes have been redeemed so far. 

-Coupon codes are case-sensitive so make sure your users copy the code exactly as it is.

-It is not feasible to create coupon codes for payment plans

How users redeem the coupons

a. Once your users get directed to the payment page of the corresponding course they will add the coupon code in the Have a coupon? field and click on Redeem to get their discount.

b. They will see the precise discount along with the final price of the course.

You can find out more on how to manage and track the use of your Coupons in our respective article.

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