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How to Suspend, Anonymize or Delete a User

On certain occasions, you might want to stop a user from accessing your online school. This can happen either after the user’s request or for your convenience. In other cases, maybe you would just like to clear the inactive accounts from your school, so why not be able to delete them.  Apart from just suspending the users, you have the ability first to anonymize them or/and delete them. 

1. Navigate to UsersAll Users.

2. Hover over Manage next to the respective user's avatar.


To suspend a user's account, choose the Suspend Account action.

By suspending users, they will not be able to log in or sign up again with the same email address as their account will have been moved to Suspended users. However, you will be able to unsuspend them in case you change your mind. In case you would like to Unsuspend a user, you may follow the steps in this article.

Note: Since this is a reversible action, any payments from any suspended account will not get suspended. 

Anonymize account

Apart from suspending a user, you can also "anonymize" them, in case a user has requested for their data and info to be deleted through their Profile Settings (you can find further details here).

The user will be suspended, and their account details will be automatically replaced by an anonymous id number, a result that is irreversible. However, an anonymized user will be able to sign-up again to your school by creating a new account.

In case the anonymized user has posted in the community or has sent any messages, their posts or messages will be anonymized too:

Note: If the anonymized user has purchased a subscription or installment, they will automatically be deleted from Stripe, and any active subscriptions or installments will be canceled.

Delete account

If you are determined to remove a user and their data from your school completely, you can delete them.  You can delete a user and simultaneously make their posts and messages anonymized.

These results are irreversible. If the deleted user wants to sign up from the beginning and use the same email address, it is feasible, something that is not allowed while the user is suspended.


  • If you wish to remove the Sales records for a user you wish to delete, you will first need to unenroll the user from the course and then delete their account.
  • You can multiple select users and perform specific bulk actions, such as Enroll and Unenroll from a course, suspend or delete the users.

Best Practices

In case you have accidentally anonymized a user, and you want to restore the course progress, you can follow the steps below:

  • You can unsuspend the user.
  • Then, you can proceed with replacing the anonymized data with the user's actual data and set a new password that you will provide the user with to be able to log in for the first time after the anonymization.
  • Enroll the user in the previously enrolled courses.

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