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How to Add Digital Downloads to your Learning Activities

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In LearnWorlds, you can incorporate Digital Downloads into your course path's learning activities, allowing you to provide supplementary files that enhance your primary learning material. Digital downloads are important because they offer additional resources to deepen your users' understanding and engagement with the course content. For example,  you might incorporate downloadable worksheets for your students.

This article will guide you through the process of incorporating digital downloads into your learning materials, including how users can access them and how to personalize the download icon.

Add a Digital Download

To add a digital download to a learning activity:

1. Navigate to CoursesCourse Manager and click to access your desired course.

2. Find the learning activity to which you want to add a Digital Download file. 

3. Hover over the learning activity to which you want to add your companion file (digital download) and click on Settings.

4. When the side form pops up, click on Add digital download, browse the file from your computer, and click on Open.


  • If you want to upload more files, click on Add digital download again. If you hover over the file, you can edit its title by clicking on the edit (pencil) button. 
  • In case you change your mind about the files and want to delete them, hover over their title and click on the delete button. 
  • Digital downloads are additional, complementary files and not the main learning content. Always make sure to add your learning material according to the learning activity you have created, as described here.

Finding and Downloading Digital Files

Once your users enter the Course Player in the respective learning activity, they will notice in the right corner a paperclip icon (just below the title of your learning activity) related to the downloadable file you offer.

If your users click on the paperclip icon on the far right, a menu will expand on the top of the screen and they can click on the name of the file and download the file attachment.

  • The supported digital download files can be up to 50 MB, and only Latin characters in the title of the files are supported (special characters like â, è, ü, etc, are not supported).
  • If you have disabled the option to Print PDF files in your copyright settings, the digital download file will not be available for printing. To resolve this, you can compress the PDF to .zip before you upload it as a digital download. The .zip format overcomes the restrictions of your PDF copyright settings, making it easier for your learners to access and print the content.

Customize the Digital Download icon

You can change the Digital Download's icon size, shadow, and background using the following, under <style> (css) for built-in pages (i.e. social, profile, workpad, my account) in your Custom Code.

Icon Size

/*change the icon's size*/
.slug-path-player .-second-col-content .unit-attachments-wrapper-icon:before {
width: 25px;
height: 25px;
background-size: 15px;

Add Shadow and change icon's Background Color

/*add shadow and change the icon's background*/
.slug-path-player .-second-col-content .unit-attachments-wrapper-icon {
    box-shadow: #97979782 -4px 4px 10px 1px;
    background: #ffffff;

Change Background Color 

/*change background color*/
.slug-path-player .unit-attachments-wrapper.white #unitAttachments {
background-color: rgba(250,250,250,0.8);

You can adjust the opacity of the background color by changing the value to 0.8 under the background color.

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