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User Management Page

On the User Management Page, you can search for users by name, filter their records by course or by date, manage their courses, see their last login and registration date, change their emails and passwords, search a user by a specific tag, import users, or export user reports

In this article, you will find detailed information on what you can do on the User Management page.

All Users Page 

Click on UsersAll Users to access your User Management page. 

  • You can filter the records by, Date, Role, Status, and tags. 
  • You can also export the user report in an Excel or CSV format by selecting specific filters. You also have the option to add a user to your online academy manually.

In our Learning center plan or higher, assigning roles from different role levels (Administrative, Instructional, Reporting, User group & Seat Management) to the users while adding a new user or updating an existing one is feasible. 

  • Each role level contains certain pre-defined roles, and you also have the ability to create new custom roles
  • Each role can have certain permissions on what the specific user can see and manage in the LearnWorlds platform. You can find more information in our respective article

For more information on:

  • How to Add and Search for a new user, click here
  • How to Export Users report click here.
  • How to Tag Users click here.
  • How to Manage and edit the User Information click here.
  • How to Manually mark a course/learning activity as completed, click here.

Manage User

To manage the user, hover over the three dots next to the user you wish, to reveal the additional user management settings. If you wish to edit a user's information, hover over the user and click on Edit User.

  • If you have created a User Group or Seat Offering you will also be able to add and remove users from a group/seat.
  • If you have enabled the Two-factor Authentication option (2FA) and the user has set it up, you can choose to Reset the Two-factor authentication for this user.

User Roles

LearnWorlds admin: The LearnWorlds admin has full authoring access to the LearnWorlds school. 

Admin/Administrative User Role: The admins/administrative level roles grant full access to all or some areas of the platform.

Instructional User Role: The instructional level roles grant access to specific platform areas but limit the displayed data only to those related to the selected courses.

Reporting User Role: The reporting level roles grant access to specific platform areas but limit the displayed data only to those related to the selected segments and courses.

User Group & Seat Manager User Role: The User group & Seat managers can manage the users added to a group or seat offering. 

Affiliate: Affiliates created for our built-in Affiliate Management Tool.

Suppose your users have signed up using Social Logins (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Apple). In that case, the respective icon will also appear on the users' images.  

Role User Icons

To identify the Role Levels of the users in your online school, consult the following icon descriptions. These icons appear next to the user's name. 

Multiple LearnWorlds Schools additional Admin Levels

LearnWorlds introduced the option of creating and managing Multiple LearnWorlds schools. With Multiple Schools, we offer an additional layer of access for admins in an organization (a cluster of 1 or more schools):

  • Organization Owner
  • Super Admin

You can find out more about each level's abilities in this article.

User Cards

You can track every user's basic information, watch their progress inside your school, take notes, and check out their payments (depending on your user role's permissions). Click on a user's name to make appear the side form.

1. In the User Details, you can check out the total number of enrolled courses, the average score, the overall Study Time of the courses, and if the user has registered as a lead.

2. In the Profile tab, you can see the user tags and the badges awarded and take notes that will help you personalize your relationship with your users. The Notes are only visible to admins, as they are useful for keeping track of any details you want to add under a specific user, such as any special requests they inquire about. Also, you can see information about the user's subscription from Stripe if you sell subscriptions.

3. In the Courses  tab, you can see all of the user's enrolled courses and the user's progress on the courses. You can export the time spent on each activity per date. It also displays the total time spent on the course and the course Starting and Ending dates. Lastly, you can export the score for each assessment learning activity

4. In the Activity tab, you can see a record of your user's recent activity and export the login and logout activity per date and time

5. In the Payments tab, you can see a record of your user's payments. 

6. In the Attribution tab, you can see the First/Last click attribution (UTMs) of your user. For the first click, the first time the visitor lands at your LearnWorlds school, and for the last click, the previous page they visited right before they signed up is tracked.

7. In the Feedback tab, you can see the NPS® as well as the Qualification form responses.

For the Affiliates in your school, an Affiliate tab will appear with additional information (Affiliate ID, Commission, Sales, Payment method, etc).

In the Advanced Search tab, you can add filters for your users' more in-depth search, available to our Learning Center plans or higher. You can check our article here on how to create user segments as well.

Bulk Actions

On your All Users page, you can multiple-select users and perform bulk actions. 

  • Learning Center plan: Multiple selections and bulk actions are available.
  • Pro Trainer plan:  Bulk Actions that are available are the Add and Tag users.
  • Starter plan: No access to bulk actions.
  • Trial: No access to bulk actions.

You can find more information on the bulk actions offered in our relevant article.

Multiple Selection

You can select multiple users and perform actions on them such as enrolling or unenrolling them from a course, suspending or deleting them, updating their progress, or adding/removing their tags. 

To do this, click on the users you want to perform actions on and choose one of the available bulk actions.

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