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How to Create Links

The Site Builder provides a wide range of editing features, empowering you to craft visually stunning pages. Specifically, it offers tools for creating links (redirections) within different sections of a page. 

1. Navigate to Website → Design →  Edit Website.

2. Choose the page you wish to edit via the Pages Manager.

3. Click on the element you wish to turn into a link.

4. In the On-click field under the Actions tab, open the Go to dropdown options.

The available Go to actions are:

  • Page: Create a direct link to any page of your school.
  • Course: Direct learners to a course page (Overview or Payment) within your school.
  • Course Activity: Direct your users to a specific course activity.
  • Bundle: Direct users to one of your bundle pages (Overview or Payment).
  • Subscription: Your users can be directed to one of your subscription pages (Overview or Payment).
  • Blog Post: Direct your users to a specific blog post page of your school.
  • App: Direct your learners to one of your school's apps.
  • Social Link: Direct your users to your school's social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, etc.)
  • After purchase: You can choose where to direct users after purchase.
  • Social Share: Users can share the school page they have currently visited on social accounts.
  • System Forms: Direct your users to either the Signup form, Sign in form, Reset Password form, Cookies consent pop-up form, or Delete user account.
  • URL: Direct your users to an external URL.
  • Scroll into page: Direct users to another page section within the same page.
  • Open pop-up: Trigger one of your school's pop-ups.
  • Open form: Trigger one of your school's Marketing Forms.
  • Email: Add your email account, so your users can send you a direct email.
  • Signout: Get users to sign out of their accounts.
  • Continue where you left off: Take your users to the last visited activity of the last visited course. 


  • To see the available links in detail and find more information on how to use the on-click actions, you can check out our respective article. 
  • For the URL to be functional, it's essential to add https:// at the beginning of the URL. 
  • If you want users to scroll to another page instead of the same page, you can locate the section ID under the action tab and then add it at the end of your school URL page: e.g.,

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