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How to Activate/Upgrade your LearnWorlds Account

You can activate a plan for your trial school or upgrade your plan for your live school by hovering over the three dots under My Account and clicking on Account & Billing.

In this article, we will go through the LearnWorlds plan activation and upgrade process

 If you need more information on our terms and pricing, you can visit our Terms & Conditions, Pricing, and Plans pages.

Activate a Plan (Trial Accounts)

1. Navigate to Overview under Account & Billing.

2. Choose between Yearly or Monthly, based on your needs.

3. Click on Select Plan of the desired plan.

  • If you have a discount coupon, it can be added at the last step before the payment.
  • Your currency will be different depending on your location. Users navigating from Europe will have the Euro as the default currency, users from the USA or Canada will have USD, and users from other locations will be able to choose one of those two options (Euro/ USD).
  • If you are navigating from within Europe, you can purchase with Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Paypal, and Discover cards. We also support SEPA direct payments where you can add your IBAN number. 
  • If you are navigating outside of Europe, you can purchase with Visa, Mastercard cards, and PayPal. Some Discover cards may not be supported. If you want to use an American Express card, you can do so via PayPal.
  • In case your card gets declined, you need to contact your bank or credit card service, and they will be more than happy to allow the transaction to go through once you retry. When the following message appears, this means that the bank is declining the transaction or does not allow the card to be saved in a subscription service.

Billing Cycle

Your billing cycle depends on the plan you have selected.

  • If you selected a Yearly plan, you would be automatically charged an invoice every year at the date of your activation (i.e., every May 30th).
  • If you have selected a Monthly plan, you will be automatically charged an invoice every month at the date of your activation. (i.e., every 15th of the month)


If your company is EU-based, VAT will be added to your invoices unless a valid EU VAT number is provided. You can verify the validity of a VAT number by following this link: VIES VAT number validation.

Upgrade your Plan (Existing Customers)

You can upgrade your plan by navigating to the Overview or the Subscription tab under Account & Billing.

Overview tab

1. Navigate to Overview under Account & Billing.

2. Click on Change Plan.

3. Choose between Yearly or Monthly, based on your needs.

4. Click on Upgrade of the desired plan.

Subscriptions tab

You can also change your plan from the Subscriptions tab.

1. Navigate to Subscriptions

2. Click on Upgrade.

In upgrades, your remaining unused period will be allocated as credits to your new plan.

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