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How to Promote your Mobile App Launch

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The digital landscape is becoming increasingly complex. There are more devices, more channels, and more touchpoints. For many users, the journey starts with searching on the web, but the purchases are being made in-app, so why not connect them?

Let’s discover together how you can create an effortless link between your academy’s website and your brand-new mobile app. In this guide, you will find 5 effective ways to promote your mobile apps and boost your users' engagement.

1. Smart Banners for iOS

Smart Banners facilitate what is known as a web-to-app flow. To end-users, a banner that uses a fraction of the screen on your academy’s mobile website encourages them to use or download your app while browsing on their Safari browser.

When a user clicks on a banner, they are sent straight to your app to continue their journey. If the app is not already installed, the user is first directed to the relevant app store for download.

It’s an incredibly valuable tool for converting web traffic into app users. Not only is it a seamless way to drive users to your app, but it’s also proven to convert high-quality users who will engage with and keep your app. 

To add a Smart App Banner to your website, you will need to include the following meta tag in the head element of each page where you would like the banner to appear, or you can add it site-wide:

<meta name="apple-itunes-app" content="app-id=myAppStoreID"> 

To detect the app-id, from App Store Marketing Tools, type the name of your app in the search field, and select the appropriate country or region and media type. In the results provided, select your app. On the detailed view of your app, find the Content Link. Your app ID is the number between id and ?

Alternatively, select your app in App Store Connect. Under the General section, select App Information, then detect your app ID in the General Information section that opens in the middle of the screen; your app ID is listed as Apple ID.

2. Add a Mobile Section on your school’s homepage

Our default Mobile section can help you promote your app without needing to think about its design and of course, save time from building a section from scratch.

1. Go to Website → Edit Website. Choose the page you would like to perform the relevant changes to (e.g., add).

2. Once you have selected the page, hover over between sections and click on +Add Section.

3. In the menu that appears, choose the Mobile option.

4. Pick the preferred design and match it with your branding elements.

3. Create a Mobile App Landing Page via Site Builder

You can create a dedicated landing page for your app so that you can effectively advertise and promote it. Every website visitor can find out about it and then click on the link to download the app. And of course, you can't stop there. Paid ads via Google & Facebook can boost the promotion. Why not use this page to showcase how you disrupt the market by going mobile & acquiring new customers?

To create a page you can read our respective article.

4. Announce the Launch using our Popup Builder

Using our Popup Builder, you can create a popup announcement of the launch of your mobile apps to further promote your app and improve your users' overall experience. In the created popups, you can add a Download app widget so that users can download your Mobile apps.

5. Share your App on Social Media

A smart and quick way to advertise your app launch is to share this event on your social media accounts. In that way, you will encourage user reviews and measure results for a successful app launch. 

To share your app link in your social media accounts so that users can directly install it, you need to:

1. Go to your admin's dashboard and click on Mobile App → Launch

2. Click on the "store" option.

3. A new window will be opened in your browser then copy this link (this is your app link) and paste it into the social media accounts you wish to.

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