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How to Create Single Activity Courses

In case you want to create a course with a single lesson you can use Single Activity Courses.

Single Activity Course is a course player skin with a minimalistic feel and no navigation panel. It's a unique feature that offers a better navigational experience to your users when selling digital products, and services, or on special occasions such as webinars & SCORM learning activities.

In order to create a Single Activity Course, you need to:

1. Create a course and add only one learning activity to it.

2. Navigate to the Course Player tab.

3. Select one of the two single-activity course player skins available.

In the Contents tab, you will see the relevant message that informs you that this course has been set up to present only the first activity of the first course section

You can then Preview your Course Player and the result will be a minimalistic Course Player, with a single learning activity.

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